01/02/2020 – Match Reports

Court 1

Foxton Flyers vs Falcons

The action on court one kicked off with the Foxton Flyers facing the Falcons. Both sides started strong with end-to-end play and plenty of goals being scored. At quarter time Falcons had just squeezed ahead (10-13), but Flyers were resolute and determined to remain in the game. Falcons came out hard in the second quarter – thanks to the skill and accuracy of their shooting duo of Molly Blyth and Grace Brooks, the Falcons managed to extend their lead. At half-time Falcons led by 31 goals to 25 and looked like they might dominate throughout, however the tenacious Flyers clearly had other ideas and their gritty determination meant that they stayed firmly in the game. The athleticism and sharp shooting of the youngsters Daisy Provis and Evie Van Nierop meant that they both commanded the D, by the end of the third quarter the teams were level pegging (42-42). In the final quarter both teams battled hard to gain the lead, but it was eventually Falcons who came out on top – 52-61.

Harborough Harriers vs Knighton

Harriers and Knighton were next to take to the courts providing an equally exciting and entertaining match for the spectators. Arguably the underdogs, the Harriers started in fine form allowing the more experienced Knighton just a single goal advantage (7-8). Harriers continued to put Knighton under pressure going into the second quarter with Gill Hancock at WD turning over several key balls for her side. The half-time score was 13-16, and with just a three-goal difference the match could easily have gone either way. Knighton however were keen to extend their lead in the third quarter with Emma Henshaw at Centre providing some excellent linking play to Sarah Carrigan at GS. Sarah’s excellent shooting and movement helped Knighton slowly inch ahead of their opposition (18-27). In the final quarter Harriers continued to fight hard to chase Knighton’s lead. Sarah Barker shone for Harriers as their super shooter, helping Harriers to win the final quarter. Unfortunately, this was not enough to secure the win, but Harriers finished with their heads held high after a commendable effort.

Lutterworth vs MHBC

Lutterworth have been one of the teams to watch this season and this match against MHBC was no exception. The match started with some tense end-to-end action, with both sides working tirelessly to take the lead. Lutterworth took the first quarter by just two goals (12-10) and the scene was set for an exciting and nail-biting clash. The second quarter started with the same dynamism and competitiveness as the first with very little to separate the two sides. A half-time score of 19-19 prompted both sides to make some tactical changes to break the deadlock. Tiegan Harrison showed exceptional versatility playing three positions within the match and helping to support Hannah Lynch whose flair on goal ensured that Lutterworth remained a genuine threat to MHBCs throughout. By the end of the third quarter, MHBCs had the slimmest of advantages (27-28) going into the final 15 minutes of play. Jackie Brooks’ measured play at Centre for MHBCs, coupled with the determined defence by Cheryl Smith at G, ensured that Lutterworth’s opportunities on goal were limited. The score at the final whistle was 32-36.

Court 2

Siamo Sirens vs Aircare Thunder

In the first match on court two, Aircare Thunder took on the Siamo Sirens, and both sides took to the court with determination. Amy Hayward (GA) dominated the attacking third for Thunder ensuring some excellent shots on goal, however Siamo continued to challenge throughout the court. The half-time score was 6-35. Going into the final half of the match, Thunder were able to extend their lead through some skilled turnover and tips from the skilful Maisie Williamson at GD. Although Sirens were not able to slow the goals, they were competitive and sporting throughout. Lizzie Bucciero in particular demonstrated the excellent play and finesse at GA and GS that she has been consistently noted for this season. In the final quarter, Siamo scored an impressive nine goals, bringing the final score to 16-70.

Turner’s Tornadoes vs WV Blinders

The back-to-netball side have been going from strength-to-strength throughout the season. The experienced Turner’s side set to work from the first whistle and quickly established a firm lead (15-4). In the second quarter the Tornados extended this lead through the skilful shooting from Karen Davis at GS. Vanessa Barker’s fitness and determination was noted in her performance at Centre for the Blinders; however, Sophie Chester was equally strong in the opposing position for Turners and she continued to make crucial interceptions for her team. Despite some fantastic movement around the attacking-D by Kim Meehan for the Blinders, they were not able to convert their opportunities on goal and the game ended with Turner’s securing a convincing win – 65-5.

Aircare Lightning vs Club Corezze

In the final match on court 2, Lightning took on the current league table leaders, Club Corezze. The match started quickly with Corezze swiftly taking a convincing lead (6-19). In the second quarter, Lightning fought to try and establish themselves in the game, with Tracey Liot’s movement and proficiency on goal meaning that the game began to flow more smoothly. The half-time score was 14-31 with Lightning battling to remain within half of their oppositions score. Corezze’s Hannah Smith however shone in her steadfast defence helping to limit Lightning’s opportunities in the attacking third. Despite Hannah Forman’s commended efforts at GA, Lightning could not catch Corezze who continued to pull away going into the final quarter. Clare Glynn’s pin-point accuracy on goal throughout, and her ability to hold her space in the D, meant that the goals flowed for Corezze. The final score was 27-57.