Match report 02/02/19

Knighton vs Lutterworth Robins

The Robins from Lutterworth took to the court against Knighton from Leicester in what was set to be an action-packed game. Robins took a while to get into their rhythm and at the end of the first quarter found themselves down by eight goals (3-11). Determined to make an impact, the robins dug deep and with brilliant linking play through the court between Alex Taylor and Tiffany Frost, upping their number of goals scored compared to the previous quarter (9-22). The third saw a more determined Knighton, keen to stretch their lead and once and for all take control of the match. Steely strong defenders Hari Caple and Sam Hinton worked in together to reduce contact between the ball and Lutterworth’s shooters. The match ended 20-52 to Knighton, with all eight points going to Knighton for the victory and winning every quarter.

Aircare Lightning vs Club Corezze

A strong Club Corezze were determined to make their mark on the game against Aircare Lightning. With brilliant shooting from eagle-eyed Clare Glynn and Hannah Page, Corezze did not delay in racing ahead in the first 15 minutes with the quarter ending 3-20. The second quarter saw Lightning gain their stride and settle into the game, with Captain and shooter Hannah Forman leading from the attack. Lightning had strength the length of the court as defender Elise Tear was determined not to give in despite the relentless pressure from Club Corezze. A dangerous combination of strong and skilled play ensured Corezze were victorious 28-67, winning every quarter, and securing all available eight points.

Forman Falcon’s vs Foxton Mavericks

An exciting game from the first centre pass, with both teams out for the points. Forman’s Captain and Centre Liv Percival lead from the midcourt, with brilliant linking and support play, repeatedly ensuring the ball found the hands of her shooters. While tenacious and skilled defender Fran Braham unceasingly worked to keep the ball from Mavericks shooter.  Starting as they meant to continue, Mavericks wasted no time in racing ahead. With strength at both ends of the court, defender Alex Colotto and attacker Katie Neal ensured the Mavericks inched ahead every quarter. Mavericks took the victory (85-43) and all available eight points, with credit going to Forman’s for holding on and coming within half of the winning score, therefore earning that all important extra point!

Siamo Sirens vs Foxton Flyers

A fast-paced match, with both out to win, as the league’s newest team Siamo Sirens had set their sights on Foxton Flyers. The first 15 minutes saw Flyers only just ahead by a mere three goals! Both teams used the two-minute break between quarters to regroup and focus. In the second, Sirens upped their goal tally closing the gap. Flyers dynamic defending duo Laura Burgess and Jackie Latham worked hard to keep the ball from Sirens shooting circle to stem the goals. Despite skilled and determined play from Sirens Centre Liv O’Brien, Flyers were victorious (38-22), winning the match and all eight points. The talented Sirens held on and were within half of the winning score, therefore earning that all-important extra point!

MHBC’s vs Turner’s Tornadoes

A fast-paced emotional game from the first centre pass. Market Harborough Business Club had the edge in the first quarter, winning 12-7. Determined to maintain and extend their lead BC’s Tash Mackness fearlessly defended her semi-circle and linked play through the midcourt. With a brilliant second quarter BC’s further increased their lead. Turner’s refused to give in easily and remained determined and upbeat throughout. Skilled Centre Sarah Ward seamlessly worked the ball through the midcourt and repeatedly fed it into her shooters.  BC’s won the match 49-30, earning all available match points. Turners earnt the extra point for finishing within half of the winning score.

Aircare Thunder vs Harborough Harriers

The final match of the day was Aircare Thunder against Harborough Harriers. Thunder struck quickly and leapt into the lead in the first quarter (16-4). Sharpshooter Kiera Douglas rarely missed her target, increasing Thunder’s lead at every quarter. Thunder were strong at both ends of the court, with support from determined and skilled defender Maisie Williams. Harborough Harriers gained strength throughout the game, boosted by a determined defence in Laura Eaton and Vicky Stanyon, both refusing to crumble and give in under the pressure of Thunders torrent. Aircare Thunder took the win 55-22, earning all available match points.