Match report – 08.12.18

Foxton Flyers vs Lutterworth Robins

The afternoon of netball started with a competitive but great-natured match between Foxton Flyers and Robins of Lutterworth. Flyers defence was put to the test against Robins shooters, and despite the goals raining in they remained determined throughout. Lutterworth’s mid-court duo Asha Winterflood and Nat Slater seamlessly worked the ball through the court with both skill and accuracy, linking play at both ends and ensuring the goals increased. Flyer’s cornerstone midcourt player Ang Brooks worked relentlessly, to retain and gain control of the ball. While defender Sarah Stoney tirelessly defended her circle. Robins won all four quarters and the match 58-19.

Foxton Mavericks vs Aircare Thunder

At the same time, Foxton’s first team Mavericks took on rivals Aircare Thunder. Foxton’s shooter Katie Neal against Aircare’s talented defender Maisie Williamson, with both determined to have an impact. Mavericks set to the task at hand and inched ahead in the first quarter, before gaining momentum in the second and third. The final quarter saw Thunder rally and refuse to give in, with brilliant shooting from Victoria Earland despite a strong defence in Jodie Bellamy. Mavericks won the match 51-33, with points split across the teams, Thunder winning the final quarter and being within half of the winners score.

Club Corezze vs Snowfinders                            

An exciting match between the experienced Club Corezze, and one of the youngest teams in the league, Snowfinders. Excitement was tangible at the end of the first quarter, as both teams finished with 10 goals each. Corezze took the opportunity to regroup in the break and as play commenced, they took control and raced ahead, winning the second quarter with brilliant shooting from Clare Glynn. The halftime whistle allowed Snowfinders to regain their composure and close the gap in the third quarter, with notoriety going to sharpshooter Evie Watts. The game was fast-paced throughout with skilled linking play seen from both Centres, Corezze’s Nicola Grant and Snowfinders Tilly Higgs. Corezze won the match 67-40 but points go to both teams as they drew equal on the first quarter and Snowfinders were within half of the winning score.

Harborough Harriers vs Aircare Lightning

Harborough Harriers made a promising start with their best quarter of the match. They remained upbeat and determined throughout and repeatedly exhibited some lovely linking play down the length of the court, especially from Centre Sian Hudson to shooter Emma Walker. Aircare Lightning however quickly took charge of the game, using all channels of the court to move the ball at a fast pace from end to end, with the help of talented centre court player Rhea Palmer. Lightning’s Captain Hannah Forman supported her players and lead by example with great skill and expertise. Lightning won all four quarters and the match 75-15.

Turner’s Tornadoes vs Forman Falcons

A fast-paced game from the off with both teams out to win. Turner’s inched ahead in the first quarter by a single goal 10-9. With strength at both ends of the court, Turner’s defender the talented Danni Nutley was determined to take away Formans’ advantage and stop the ball from passing her. While attacker Jess Hughes fearlessly worked the ball into her shooting circle. However, the talented youngsters were not to be beaten, and regrouped after the first quarter and increased the pressure. Ace shooter Molly Blyth rarely missed her target and ensured her team stretched their lead at every remaining quarter. Falcons won the match 39-33 and the last three quarters. Turners gaining points for winning the first quarter and being within half of Falcons score at the final whistle.

Knighton vs MHBC’s

A firecracker of a game, both fast and furious from the first centre pass with each team jostling for the win. Knighton secured the first quarter with brilliant defending from skilled player Harri Caple. BC’s regrouped and up the pressure in the second quarter, with Centre Rachel Bonhannon leading the charge. Their efforts were rewarded as they inched ahead by two goals at halftime. BC’s staked their claim on the game in the third quarter, significantly stretching their lead with skilled defending and repeated turn arounds from Stacy Essam. Knighton refused to give in, and with expert attacking play from Sarah Carrigan they began to regain control of the game. At the final whistle, BC’s were in the lead 42-31. Points go to Knighton for winning the first quarter and being within half of BC’s score.