10th February 2018

MHBC’s vs Forman Falcons

An exciting game to start the afternoon off, with experienced MHBC’c against the leagues youngsters Forman’s Falcons. Falcons took the lead early on with brilliant attacking play from highly skilled centre Millie Van Nierop. BC’s pulled back with a strong second quarter taking the lead by a single goal. Great defending in the circle from Jodie Haines kept BC’s at bay, allowing Falcons to get ahead again 29-27. In the final quarter BC’s defender Tracey Glover and Jackie Brooks showed great skill and helped to close the gap, eventually taking their team to victory 38-36.

Farndon Foods vs Aircare Thunders

A determined Farndon Foods took to the court against Aircare Thunder. Farndon’s attackers Elizabeth Glynn and Kim Walton played well together making hard work for the opposition. Thunders defenders Hannah Barrow and Lauren Wright tried with all their might to slow down the onslaught, but Farndon won all four quarters. Thunder were able to stay within half of Farndon’s score but lost 31-61.

Foxton Mavericks vs Corby Jets

Foxton Mavericks were on form this afternoon, taking control from the first centre pass. Skilled play was seen from Mavericks wings Emily Bryan and Jenny Dance. While Corby Jets centre player Emily Sierra-Pendergast worked with all her skill to slow down the onslaught. Mavericks convincingly took the victory 80-31.

Lutterworth Robins vs Aircare Lightning

Lutterworth Robins took the lead in the first quarter with great attacking play from Kerry Foot. They maintained their lead for the next two quarters with skilled defensive play from Sophie Cook. Aircare Lightning regrouped pulling out all the stops in the final quarter, to win it by six goals, thanks to great shooting from Hannah Forman and mid-court play from Elise Tear.  At the final whistle Robins were ahead by a mere two goals 38-36.

Harborough Harriers vs Snowfinders

Harborough Harriers got off to a slow start but picked up the pace in the second half with skill and determination shown by Emma Walker and Sian Hudson. Snowfinders started as they meant to carry on and went into halftime in the lead 23-8. Shooter Katie McTaggart was on form throughout and rarely missed her target, taking Snowfinders to victory 46-18.

Foxton Flyers vs Turners

Turners Tornados were convincing from the start, winning all quarters of the match with skilled attacking play from Sarah Ward and Jess Hughs. Foxton Flyers multi-talented Sarah Neal played with superb skill and determination helping them to fight back with a better third quarter. Ultimately Tornados played well throughout and deserved their victory 45-16.