16th December 2017

MHBC’s vs Aircare Thunder

An exciting game from the first whistle. BC’s had control of the first half, with brilliant skilled play from Sophie Mills as she manoeuvred the ball down the court. Half time saw a turn in the game and Thunder began inching back. With great defensive play from Lauren Wright and Katie Kavanagh, who were both determined to slow down the torrent of goals from BC’s. At the final whistle there was a single goal between the teams, with Aircare Thunder in the lead 36-35.


Corby Jets vs Turners Tornados

Corby Jets vs Turners Tornados was a game of great defensive play, with both teams determined to slow down their opponents. Corby Jets inched ahead from the start, and won the first three quarters, with notable play from Georgie Wride. Turners Kirsty Bishop was strong in defence, and played with skill and determination throughout. In the end Corby Jets won 35-28.


Snowfinders vs Foxton Flyers

Snowfinders put out a strong and skilled team. They played well throughout and swiftly mopped up any mistakes made by their opposition. With shooters Ellen O’Brien and Evie Watts playing brilliantly together, and rarely missing their target. Foxton Flyer’s Clare Callow played skilfully making brilliant interceptions and working free to receive the ball. While teammate Kimberley Durham helped to move the ball down the court and feed into the shooters. Snowfinders quickly took the lead and won the match 67-29.


Farndon Foods vs Formans Falcons

Both teams came out strong from the start. In the second quarter Farndon inched ahead, and from then on began to stretch their lead. They had strength throughout the court with skilled play from Kim Walton and brilliant shooting from Andrea Flweitt. The young Falcons remained determined, and refused to let the experienced opposition get too far ahead, with Livi Percival and Sian Brewin working well together. Farndon won the match 62-39, with Falcons within half of Farndon’s score.


Lutterworth Robins vs Harborough Harriers

Lutterworth quickly took the lead, with strong midcourt play from Amy Constantine. Teammate Kate Warren worked hard in defence to keep Harriers shooters at bay. Harriers attackers linked well together with notable play from Clare Bolton and Emma Walker. Lutterworth Robins won 54-11.


Aircare Lightning vs Foxton Mavericks

Mavericks took the lead from the start, with skilled placement and shooting Nat Billington. While teammate Rachel Marsh worked fearlessly in defence to keep Lightnings shooters at bay. Aircare had strength in attack with great linking play from Liz Jennings, who skilfully fed the ball into shooter Hannah Foreman. The game finished 73-33 to Mavericks.