20th January 2018

Foxton Flyers vs Corby Jets

Corby Jets had a great game, with skilled attacking play and brilliant on target shooting from Erika Winch and Hannah Wilkins. While Foxton Flyers showed strength down the court. Especially from Jackie Latham who played brilliantly and worked tirelessly in defence against the onslaught of balls raining into the circle. With teammate Sarah Neal in attack determined to keep Flyers in the game. In the end the match ended 60-26 to Corby Jets.


Aircare Lightning vs Aircare Thunder

The Aircare derby made for an exciting and competitive game. With both team working hard to come out on top. Lightning’s Karen Glason and Liz Jennings played well together, working the ball into the circle with speed.  While Thunder’s Hannah Barrow and Katie Kavanagh remained determined throughout and in the end, lead their team to a 35-27 victory.


Foxton Mavericks vs Forman Falcons

Mavericks put out a strong performance with skilled play throughout the court, and notable outstanding play from shooter Nat Billington. The young Forman Falcons showed grit & determination and tried hard to stay in the game. Their defence was strong with great play from both Sian Brewin and Jodie Haines. Mavericks won the match 61-23.


Snowfinders and Harborough Harriers

What a great afternoon for the leagues newest team Harborough Harriers, who saw their first victory of the season. Both teams played well, but Harriers took the lead in the first quarter and went from strength to strength. Imogen Tooms was Snowfinders notable player, playing brilliantly in defence. Harriers had strength down the court with great play from Laura Eaton and Emma Walker. The match finished 30-24 to Harriers.


MHBC’s vs Lutterworth Robins

Lutterworth Robins showed grit and determination against MHBC’s and were very strong in defence thanks to skilled play from Cat Hanger. BC’s worked hard throughout, with teammates Tasha Mackness and Sofi Mills playing with brilliance and skill. BC’s won victory 57-23.