27th January 2018

This weekend saw the end of the first half of the season with Foxton Mavericks convincingly securing their place at the top of the league table with a 10.5-point lead ahead of closest rivals Farndon Foods. The undefeated champions have won all 11 games, with a significantly impressive goal difference. Scoring the most goals of those in the league and coming close runners up to MHBC’s for conceding the least goals.


Foxton Mavericks vs Foxton Flyers

The Foxton derby made for a fun and competitive match, despite league topper Mavericks making light work of beating Flyers. Mavericks shooters Rachel Marsh and Katie Neil had an outstanding game, rarely missing a shot. Flyers picked up the pace throughout the game and had strength across the court with skilled and determined play from attacker Sarah Neil and defender Laura Burgess. Mavericks sealed their position at the top of the table with a 76-23 victory.


Lutterworth Robins vs Corby Jets

Lutterworth Robins took the lead early in the game with brilliant play through the midcourt from Sarah Pitts. Corby Jets were hot on their tails and went on to win the second quarter by 8 goals, with expert shooting from Hannah Wilkins. Strong defence from Jets Charlie Waterhouse, meant both teams were neck & neck at halftime. The final quarter saw Robins dig deep and take back control to win the quarter and the match 50-48.


Farndon Foods vs Turners Tornados

Turners Tornados flew off to great start, finishing the first quarter a single goal behind Farndon Foods. Tornados teammates Sarah Ward in centre court and defender Kirsty Bishop worked hard throughout the game to keep up with Farndon, but it was not to be. Farndon had skilled players across the court, and Andrea Flweitt in attack rarely missed her target. While Farndon’s defence Hannah Page was determined to keep Tornados attackers at bay. Farndon stretched out their lead every quarter and won the game 54-27.