Match Report for Saturday 14th October 2017

Snowfinders vs Foxton Mavericks

A high velocity match with plenty of goals from both sides. Snowfinders’ youngster Evie Watts rarely missed her target, scoring plenty throughout the game, despite continued pressure from Mavericks ace defender Alex Colotto. Mavericks won all four quarters, with exceptional shooting from Nat Billington, taking them to an 83-33 victory.

Turners Tornados vs Harborough Harriers

Tornados worked hard and played well together, gaining vital points against the leagues newest team. Harriers defended well and moved the ball smoothly through the court. But despite their efforts, they were no match for the Tornados, who took the win 58-4, and all available points. Exceptional play was noted from Tornados Kirsty Bishop and Karen Chapman, and from Harriers Laura Eaton and Sian Hudson.

Lutterworth Robins vs Aircare Thunder

A fast-paced game, with Thunder racing ahead from the start. By half-time, Robins trailed 16-35, despite exceptional midcourt play from their captain Sarah Pitts. Thunder kept up the pace throughout and stretched their lead, resulting in a win of 70-29, taking all available points. Thunders notable players were Kiera Douglas and Katie Kavanagh.

Farndon Foods vs Foxton Flyers

This game started at high intensity, with Flyers working the court and keeping the pressure on Farndon. The first quarter finished with Flyers in the lead by 1 goal. By the start of the third quarter, Foxton were still in the running, although now trailing by 2 goals. At half-time, Farnon regrouped and focussed. They pulled out all the stops in the second half and earned the victory with a win 52-28. Exceptional performances were seen from Farndon’s Emily Morgan, and Flyers’ Kimberley Durham and Laura Burgess.

Aircare Lightning vs Corby Jets

A fuel filled game with both teams fighting hard for every point. At the end of the first quarter both teams were neck and neck, but from then on Corby Jets inched ahead, stretching out their lead. Strong performances were seen from Jets shooter Hannah Wilkens and defender Emily Pendergrast. Lightning showed strength in their mid-court and attacking play, with exceptional performances from Emma Hadkiss and Hannah Forman. Corby Jets took the win 56-36.

Forman Falcons vs MHBCs

What a corking game between one of the youngest teams in the league and one of the most experienced. For most of the game, there were no more than 3 goals separating the two teams. As the whistle for the final quarter blew, the score was 23-29 to MHBC’s, giving no indication of the contest still to come. Falcons were down 6 goals with minutes to go, a final last-minute push saw the difference reduced down to 4, then 2, then even and finally a win of 37-36 to the youngsters. Exceptional performances from Jodie Haines and Lily Mills gave these young, dynamic players a really well-deserved win. MHBCs’ notable performance came from Stacey Essam.