Match report – 11.01.19

The winter league restarted this weekend after a five-week break. Twelve teams took to the courts throughout the afternoon, for six one-hour competitive matches. Almost halfway through the winter season, the stakes are high, and teams have everything to play for.

Aircare Thunder vs Siamo Sirens

Aircare Thunder vs Siamo Sirens were amongst the first teams to kickstart the afternoon. Thunder were strong from the centre pass, determined to seize control. Playing as a cohesive unit, the team smoothly worked the ball down the court, with notable precision between attackers Tony Brattle and sharpshooter Wendy Hayward.  Siamo Sirens made worthy opponents, determined and focused from the off, with shooter Amy McGory exhibiting nerves of steel against Thunders defence. The match finished 40-17 to Aircare Thunder: Who took all points from the match, and just managed to keep Siamo Sirens from getting within half of their score.

Club Correze vs Turner’s Tornadoes

First up on the second court was Club Correze, taking on Turners Tornadoes in a fast-paced match. The experienced Correze quickly gained control, with a 10-goal advantage in the first quarter. An even stronger second quarter allowed them to stretch their lead, scoring 18 goals in 15 minutes. Club Correze super skilled all-rounder Kim Walton defended her circle fearlessly, rarely letting the ball past her. Tornadoes Goal Keeper Kirsty Bishop was equally determined in defence of her circle.  The match ended 61-21 to Club Correze, who took all available points.

Aircare Lightning vs Foxton Flyers

Aircare Lightning came out strong, and quickly raced away with the scoreline in the first quarter, finishing 17-3 up. Foxton Flyers took full advantage of the two minutes break and re-entered the court with renewed determination. The second quarter saw Flyers close the gap scoring 9 goals to Lightning’s 11, thanks to great shooting from Darra Dinsdale. By halftime, Lightning were still in the lead 28-12. Great defence from Katie Kavanagh and linking play through the centre court to Rhea Palmer allowed Lightning to keep control and stretch their lead.  Flyers managed to maintain a grip on the game in the final quarter and slow the torrent of goals, with brilliant defence from skilled midcourt player Sarah Stoney. Aircare Lightning won the game 47-25, winning all four quarters. Although Flyers earned a point for their final score being within half of the winners.

Harborough Harriers vs Foxton Mavericks

A tough ask for Harborough Harriers to take on Foxton’s Mavericks, but a task they set to with determination. Mavericks got off to a great start, quickly racing into the lead. Much loved Mavericks shooter Nat Billington went from strength to strength, with the team scoring 20 goals in the second and 21 in the final quarter. Harriers remained calm and despite the pressure increased the number of goals scored in third and then the fourth quarter. Teammates Emma Walker and Sarah Rich worked the centre court keeping up the pressure. The match ended 73-26 to Foxton Mavericks, who took all available points.

Snowfinders vs Knighton

An exciting game of the afternoon with both teams fighting for the win. Snowfinders came out strong and determined to take control. Brilliant shooting from the young and talented Evie Watts ensured they stayed ahead and won the first quarter, albeit by a single goal 11-10. By the start of the second, Knighton had regrouped and returned to the court with renewed determination. Knighton’s Becca Hooker defended her circle successfully slowing Snowfinders attack. As the teams moved into the final half of the match Knighton had an 8-goal lead. The final two quarters saw great midcourt play from Snowfinders Tilly Higgs and Knightons Charlotte Bateson with both Centres dominating the game. Points go to Knighton for winning the last three quarters and the match 43-33. Snowfinders won the first quarter and a point for being within half of the winners score, and enough to just stay ahead of Knighton in the league results table.

Forman Falcons vs Lutterworth Robins

A firecracker of a game with both teams fighting for the same slot in the results table. Determined and evenly matched the first quarter ended level with it all still to play for! Great support and linking play from skilled Centre Livi Percival kept the pressure on Lutterworth, and ensured Formans held on and won the second, third and final quarter, albeit by a small margin. Robin’s attacker Alex Taylor kept focused and determined, ensuring her team kept up the pressure and stayed in the running. Formans took the win 44-36, with points going to both teams, earning just enough to stay ahead in the league results table.