Match report 16th March ‘19

Foxton Flyers vs Harborough Harriers

Foxton Flyers wasted little time in taking control and finished the first quarter 6 goals ahead of Harborough Harriers (9-3). The second quarter saw fired up Harriers return to the court determined to stay in running. Lead by talented Centre Sian Hudson, in a strong display of skill they matched Flyers goals scored in the second & third quarters. With only 5 goals separating the teams as they entered the final 15 minutes of match play, the game could still have gone either way! Superb shooting from Flyers Darra Dinsdale and Clare Callow boosted the team and with renewed determination, they took the victory 33-22.

Snowfinders vs Aircare Lightning

Experienced Aircare Lightning took on the young and skilled Snowfinders in a match of the elements, with the teams battling it out until the final whistle. The first 15 minutes of play was fairly level with both scoring 8 goals each. The balance began to shift in the second quarter as Snowfinders tightened up in defence with a superb display of skill from defender Charlotte Maxfield, who all but stopped the ball reaching her opponents’ hands in their shooting circle. Lightning refused to give in and kept fighting until the last. With notable play awarded to both Yvonne Moore and Elise Tear for their efforts in the match. Unfortunately for Lightning, the damaged had already been done, and the Snowfinders took the victory 56-23.

Lutterworth Robins vs Siamo Sirens

The leagues newest team Siamo Sirens took on the experienced Robins from Lutterworth in an exciting match. The score from the first quarter looked promising for the Sirens as they finished a single point behind, after 15 minutes of play. In the second quarter, Robins managed to pull ahead and take control of the scoreboard with a brilliant display of midcourt interceptions and linking play from Natalie Slater. Further bolstered by defender Fiona French, who worked her semicircle with skill and determination to keep the ball from her opponents. The Sirens refused to give in easily and with the help of defender Keeley Russell, they managed to slow down the flow of goals in the third quarter. A fired-up Sirens took to the court for the final 15 minutes of play, together they almost managed to match the goals of Lutterworth Robins score in that quarter. Despite Siren’s Olivia O’Brien controlling the midcourt with skill and determination, they could not close the gap on the Robins, and Lutterworth took the victory 30-20. With Sirens claiming that all-important extra point for finishing within half of the winning score.

Foxton Mavericks vs MHBC’s

In an exciting match, Foxton Mavericks took on Market Harborough Business Club for a gruelling 60 minutes of fast-paced netball. The first quarter saw MHBC’s inch ahead by 2 goals (11-9), but just enough to set the roller coaster in motion! An even more determined BCs took to the court in the second quarter, with brilliant shooting from Janet Smith, giving BCs the advantage they desired. Superb defending from Tracey Glover, was enough to put the squeeze on the opposite end of the court and seriously stem the shots on target from Mavericks’ attackers. BCs managed to double the score of Mavericks as they went into halftime (26-13)! Mavericks refused to be beaten and tightened up in the last 30 minutes of play, being within one goal of those scored by BCs in quarters 3 and 4. With versatility throughout the court, Millie Van Nierop and Katie Neal dominated Mavericks play, but in the end, the damage had been done in the second quarter and Mavericks were unable to close the gap. MHBC took the win 42-27, and all 8 match points. Mavericks had to settle for earning a single point for being within half of the winning score.

Turner’s Tornadoes vs Aircare Thunder.

Turner’s Tornadoes took to the court with fire in their bellies, determined to quickly take control of the game. Their plan succeeded as Aircare Thunder finished the first quarter 2 goals behind. The second, proved a whirlwind of a quarter, with Turner’s racing ahead and scoring double the goals of Thunders’: In a brilliant showcase of on-target shooting from Karen Chapman, supported by midcourt attacking play by Sophie Chester. Thunder took the halftime break to regroup and return to the court with renewed determination. Thunder’s dynamic defending duo, Maisie Williamson and Lauren Wright dominated the third quarter, seriously stemming the torrent of goals. Unfortunately for Thunder, the damage had already been done, and Turner’s took the victory 34-32.

Knighton vs Club Correze

Both teams took to the court with determination in one of the last matches of the day. Club Correze earned the edge in the first quarter with brilliant attacking from Izzy Christopher, to finish 7 goals ahead. In a fiery second quarter, a huge 22 goals were scored in 15 minutes, 11 for each team, as both battled it out. After the halftime break, Club Correze took to the court with a renewed fire, stretched their lead and staking their claim on the game. Superb shooting from Clare Glynn took her team firmly ahead, 38-22. Despite the score-line, Knighton did not give in, continuously working as tight unit to stay in the game. Notable play goes to Harri Caple from both the opposition and the scorers for her role in defending against her opposition. At the final whistle, Club Correze took the victory 43-28.