Match Report: 22nd September ’18

Forman Falcons vs Aircare Thunder

A highlight of the afternoon with both teams evenly matched and working hard to come out on top. Forman Falcons finished the first quarter ahead by a single goal. But by halftime, a determined Aircare Thunder had closed the gap to 15 all.  Thunders notable players were the skilled shooter Kiera Douglas and determined defender Heather Wainwright. A focused Forman retook control of the match in the third quarter and finished it four goals ahead 27-23. Thunder, however, refused to be beaten and closed the gap. In the final minutes of the game both teams took it in turns to inch ahead and fall behind, but the cool heads of the Forman shooters Grace Brooks and Lily Horton allowed them to gain control once and for all and take the win 35-33.

Foxton Flyers vs Harborough Harriers

Foxton Flyers were determined from the first centre pass to make their mark on the game. With a strong and skilled defensive team which included the circle duo Laura Burgess and Jackie Latham, Harborough Harriers were under pressure from the start. From start to finish Flyers shooters had their eye on their target and rarely missed a shot. Despite Flyers winning all available points Harriers remained upbeat and determined throughout, with great play from Clare Bolton and Gillian Hancock. At the final whistle, the score was 44-12 to Flyers.

Knighton Netball Club vs Foxton Mavericks

Foxton Mavericks took the lead from the off, stamping their intention on the game early on. Mavericks stretched their lead with every quarter, supported brilliantly by the super talented netballer Sarah Van Nierop. Defenders from both teams stood out and were noted for their brilliant and determined play, both Alex Colotto from Mavericks and Knighton’s Grace Litchfield. The game finished 53-21 to Mavericks.

Lutterworth Robins vs Snowfinders

Lutterworth Robins took the lead early in the match and decisively won the first two quarters. By the third quarter, Snowfinders began to claw back and close the gap scoring three more goals than Robins. Supported by their brilliantly talented shooter Evie Watts and skilled defender Olivia Hartley, Snowfinders won the third quarter. In the final quarter, Robins regrouped, took control and stretched their lead with great shooting from the talented Jo Warren. The game finished with Snowfinders within half of the winning score, 51-34 to Robins.

MHBC vs Aircare Lightning

MHBC came out determined and took the lead from the start with a great first two quarters. Brilliant play throughout from BC’s talented shooter Vicki Holman and skilled defender Tasha Mackness ensured BC’s stayed ahead throughout.  Aircare Lightning refused to be beaten and by the third quarter managed to close the gap with the support of notable players Katie Kavanagh and Toni Brattle. In the end BC’s won the match 38-25, with Lightning earning a point for being within half of the winning score.

Siamo Sirens vs Club Correze

Newcomers to the league and former back2netballers Siamo Sirens took on the experienced Club Correze. Despite their efforts and sheer determination, they were unable to make an impact on the talented Club Correze. Notable play was seen throughout the midcourt and in the shooting circle by Poppy Burgess. Sirens Becky Russell worked hard to keep the Club Corezze expert shooter Elizabeth Christopher at bay. At the final whistle Club Corezze were in the lead 61-5, ensuring they took all available points.