Match Report 23.11.19

Falcons vs Siamo Sirens

Both teams started the days’ matches enthusiastically, however Falcons speed and accuracy meant that by quarter time, they had secured an early lead of 11 goals to 6.  Despite the tenacious defence from Keeley Russell and excellent work in the D by Lindsay Simpson at GS, Siamo were not able to close the gap with Falcons who continued to dominate and extend their score line.  Both teams showed their fitness and flair, however Olivia Percival’s athleticism and fantastic linking play meant that she earnt the accolade for ‘Player of the Match’ from both the scorers and the opposition.  Although both teams fought hard, Falcon’s continued to shine and the final score was 54-22.

Club Correze vs Turner’s Tornados

Correze took to the courts with the dynamism and prowess that we have come to expect from them, exacting a first quarter score of 27 goals to 3 against Turner’s.  Benita Percival worked tirelessly for Turner’s at Centre and was noted by scorers and opposition alike for her efforts.  Unfortunately, the pressure from Correze on Turners continued into the second and third quarter with Corezze managing to score 76 goals to Turner’s 14.  Turner’s fought hard throughout, however in the final quarter the Correze shooting duo, Kim Walton and Mia Baker, proved themselves to be too strong and the match ended 100-17 – earning Correze all available points.

Snowfinders vs Foxton Flyers

The promising young Snowfinders team continued to shine this week with a strong match against the gutsy Flyers.  Despite both teams working hard up and down court, Flyers were not prepared for the determined and speedy play from the Snowfinders side and the half-time score was 31-6.  Daisy Provis worked the ball around the D beautifully at GS for Flyers, but the strong defence from Snowfinder’s Charlotte Maxwell meant that her opportunities on goal were limited.  At the other end of the court, Snowfinders continued to work the ball forward with patience and accuracy with an outstanding performance from Holly Callow at GS.  Snowfinder’s consistency and hard work meant that unfortunately Flyers could not capitalise on their opportunities.  The final score was 56-13.

Lutterworth Robins vs Aircare Lightning

Both teams started determinedly and for the first quarter the match was goal for goal (9-9).  The new and dynamic players for Lutterworth proved to be a challenge for the Lightning side, and Robins began to inch away.  Some excellent turnover from Mica Quinn at GD and Teigen Harrison at WA meant that they continued to gain possession from Aircare and feed it forward for their shooters to pop the ball through the hoop.  Emma Hadkiss gave a gritty and determined performance at both GS and WA but could not turn the tide. Even when combined with the sterling efforts of teammate and fellow attacker Hannah Forman.   The final score was 46-27.

WV Blinders vs Knighton

WV Blinders continue to go from strength to strength and this week was no different.  Despite being up against one of the strongest teams in the league, the Blinders delivered a confident and courageous performance.  Some excellent linking play between Kim Meehan and Tiffany Frost meant that the Blinders had scored an impressive 12 goals at the end of the third quarter.  Given that they are a ‘Back-to-Netball side, this is not mean feat against a team like Knighton!  Knighton were indomitable however and their sure-shooter Sam Petterson ensured that Knighton continued to pull away assertively.  Knighton showed impressive consistency throughout, of particular note was their Centre Emma Henshaw who continued to steady the ship in the final quarter to carry them through to a strong victory – 15-89.

Aircare Thunder vs MHBC

The final match of the day saw Aircare Thunder take on MHBC.  Both ends of the court saw some fast and furious play, both sides keen to secure the lead.  Sarah Bates held her own in the centre of the court helping to feed the ball forward for the shooters, however Allie Bailey was steadfast at GK and kept Thunder at bay.  The half-time score was 12-35.  MHBC’s Jo Birch continued to work the ball around the D and sink the goals for MHBC, despite the best efforts of Elly Bott whose range and reactions were noted in defence.  Despite the very best efforts of Thunder, MHBC were too strong and the final score line was 27-64.