Match Report 23rd March 2019

Foxton Flyers vs Turner’s Tornadoes

Foxton Flyers took on Turner’s Tornadoes, and in a battle of wills, the first goal took a few minutes to appear on the scoreboard. Once they started, the ball soon kept dropping through the ring, with both teams finishing 6-all after the first 15 minutes of play. A renewed Turner’s took to the court in the second quarter. In a show of brilliant shooting from just about anywhere within the semicircle, Georgie Farrow ensured her team took the lead, scoring almost more than double that of Flyers. In a show of grit and skill, Turners kept up the pressure for another 15 minutes, finishing 27-16 in the lead. Flyers Sarah Stoney tussled with Turner’s Sophie Chester in a battle to dominate the midcourt. Together Flyers upped the ante in the final quarter, scoring only 3 goals less than Turners, taking them to well within half of the winners’ score, and bagging themselves the often-all-important extra point! Turner’s won the match and it’s four points, plus 3.5 points for the quarters.

Forman Falcons vs MHBC

The youngsters took to the court with fire in the bellies, bagging themselves the first quarter in a two-goal lead. Market Harborough Business Club never comfortable tailing in a match, returned with renewed vigour. Superb defensive play from Sofi Mills kept the pressure on Forman’s shooters allowing BC’s to get ahead by 3 goals. Brilliant midcourt attacking play from Jackie Brooks who skillfully got the ball to her shooter’s hands in the semicircle, resulted in BC’s stretching their lead in the third. In an exciting 15 minutes of play in the final quarter, Forman’s upped the pressure. Buffered with talent at both ends of the court, attacker Grace Brooks and defender Sian Brewin helped to close the gap ensuring Forman’s remained within half of the winning score. At the final whistle, MHBC took the victory 53-35, bagging themselves 7 match points.

Club Correze vs Snowfinders

Club Correze took no time in taking control of the match, launching themselves into the lead 16-7 after the first 15 minutes of play. Correze kept the pressure on in the second quarter with seamless linking play through the midcourt from Centre Emily Morgan. Continuing their domination in the third quarter, 20 goals were scored in only 15 minutes of play. With the help of sharpshooter Kim Walton, seventeen of those were for Club Correze. In a final push, Snowfinders attempted to reduce the damage and close the gap. Defender Charlotte Maxfield received Player of the Match status from both the opposition and the scorers for her role in the game. Despite Snowfinders efforts all the match points and the victory went to Club Correze, with a win of 60-28.

Siamo Sirens vs Aircare Thunder

In what was always going to be a tough match, previous back-to-netballers Siamo Sirens took on the experienced Aircare Thunder. In a very respectable first quarter Sirens scored an impressive nine goals against Thunder’s mighty defence. Thunder with experience and talent the length of the court managed to reduce the flow of Sirens goals for the remainder of the match. Sirens notable player recognised by both scorers and opposition for her control of the midcourt and brilliant interceptions goes to Mandy Dargie at Centre. As they entered the final quarter Thunder were in the lead 41-16. In a showcase of superb control and positioning attacker and sharpshooter, Keira Douglas sealed Thunders victory 58-19. Thunder bagged themselves all eight match points.

Foxton Mavericks vs Knighton

Injury hampered Foxton Mavericks, took on Leicester’s Knighton Netball Team in a 60-minute battle of the court. Knighton quickly staked their claim on the game, winning the first quarter 13-5. Mavericks upped the pressure in the second, with brilliant shooting from Katie Neal as they scored 8 goals to Knightons 11. Entering into the second half of play, Knighton were ahead 24-13 and determined to maintain their lead. Despite the control of the midcourt from Mavericks Centre Kerry Arrowsmith, Knighton’s defending duo Amy Danaher and Harri Caple proved too strong. All match points and the victory went to Knighton, 49-22.

Harborough Harriers vs Lutterworth Robins

Harborough Harriers took on Lutterworth Robins in a physical 60 minutes of netball. Lutterworth Robins got off to flying start, scoring 13 goals to Harriers 6 in the first quarter of the game. Superb play from their highly skilled Centre Abbie Hall ensured the Robins did not slow and finished the second quarter 22-13. Harriers had well and truly warmed up by halftime. A successful third quarter with sharp shooting from Emma Walker, allowed Harriers to close the gap and finish a single goal behind the Robins 27-26. The narrowing of the goal difference meant for a fiery final quarter, as they tussled for the win! Despite great centre court play from Sian Hudson, in the end, experience won out and the calm ladies from Lutterworth hung on to their lead by 2 goals! Lutterworth Robins earned the win and points for three quarters.