Match report 24/02/19

This weekend saw in-house matches between the two largest teams in Market Harborough’s Netball league. Foxton A vs B and Aircare 1 vs 2. The Winter season reaches it halfway point with these final two matches. The table will now be split into two divisions for the second half of the season, with the top 7 teams playing each other once and likewise for the bottom 6.

Foxton Flyers vs Foxton Mavericks

Last years’ Winter league champions, Foxtons’ Mavericks took on their training partners and B team, Foxton Flyers, in a gruelling 60 minutes of netball. It was always going to be a tall task for the Flyers as the teams occupy different ends of the results table. Mavericks dominate the top half and have consistently been nestled in one of the top three positions. While Flyers are firmly rooted in the bottom half.

Flyers got off to a good start, scoring 7 goals to Mavericks 13, in the first 15 minutes of play. Mavericks pressured the centre pass heavily in the second quarter, repeatedly turning over the ball and taking possession. With this momentum, they stretched their lead and the quarter ended 10-28 to Mavericks. Their strong mid-court was supported by a determined and skilled attacking duo, Kerry Arrowsmith and Katie Neal. Mavericks proved to be a formidable opponent who plays intuitively as a well-connected unit.

Flyers remained determined from the start, led by tenacious defender Sarah Stoney. Despite their efforts Mavericks gained momentum and took control of the game and the second half of the match, sealing the victory 16-70.


Aircare Thunder vs Aircare Lightning

A much-anticipated game with both teams evenly matched, Aircare Thunder took on fellow training partners Aircare Lightning. Thunders’ hallmark long-feed into the circle, combined with brilliant positioning and on target shooting from Victoria Earland, sealed the first quarter to Thunder (11-13).

Ahead by two goals in the start of the second quarter Thunder’s Heather Wainwright defended her semi-circle fearlessly, ensuring Thunder remained in the lead (23-25).

Under the radar, Lightning rallied and slowly started their comeback in the second quarter, building momentum as they played.

In an exciting first seven minutes of the third quarter, the teams were separated by only one or two goals. Lightning tenacious defender Jodie Haynes increased the pressure in the second half of the third quarter, repeatedly turning over the ball and defying Thunders shooters. Lightning’s Captain and ace shooter Hannah Forman lead from the front taking every opportunity given to increase their score, proving a fateful combination for Thunder.

The final 15 minutes of the match saw Lightnings dig deep and seal their victory 35-54. Match points were split between the teams, with 1.5 going to Thunder and 6.5 to Lightning. As Thunder held Lighting to within half of the winning score, Thunder earnt the all-important extra point, totalling 2.5 for the match.