Match Report 30.11.19

Welland Valley Blinders vs Snowfinders

Welland Valley Blinders continue to develop as team, improving week on week. This weekend was no exception and was always going to be a tough ask, as they faced the young Snowfinders! The young team took to the court with their usual speed and skill, effortlessly working the ball down the court, centre pass after centre pass. Snowfinder’s Anna Chapman locked down her defensive circle, making hard work for Welland Valley Blinders attackers. From the first whistle Snowfinders took control, and with the help of sharp-shooter Katie Quinsee, they scored an impressive 15 goals in the first quarter and 18 in the second and the fourth! Welland Valley Blinders attempted to slow down the torrent, supported with fantastic linking play from Krish Darji, but the young Snowfinders proved too mighty, and won the match 61-7.

Club Correze vs Foxon Mavericks

The second match of the afternoon on Court 2 proved to be an exciting clash of the top half of the table, as Foxton Mavericks took on Club Correze. With both teams at full strength, every goal had to be fought for throughout the entire game. Foxton’s sharp-shooter Macy Clipstone came out blazing from the off. Despite the Foxton’s efforts, Club Correze managed to inch ahead and win the first quarter by a single goal (13-12). In a passionate second quarter Correze defender Kim Walton successfully locked down Mavericks attack, despite dynamic play from Foxton’s Kerry Arrowsmith. Correze managed to stretch their lead by six goals (26-20).  They continued with their winning form in the third quarter, keeping the pressure on the Mavericks. In the final quarter Mavericks dug deep to close the gap, but Correze attacker Clare Glynn had her eye in, and was not about to let that happen! Both teams showed passion, skill and fitness, but in the end Club Correze proved too much for Foxton Mavericks, as they won the match 56-41.

MDH Falcons vs Aircare Lightning

Seasoned Aircare Lightning took on the young MDH Falcons in the final match of the afternoon on Court 2, as the temperature plummeted. Falcons came to the court with their usual flair and athleticism, but Aircare Lightning were not about to give the game away easily! After a lively first 15 minutes MDH Falcons came out 2 goals ahead with the quarter finishing 9-7. Falcons’ Livi Percival earnt the recognition of double ‘Player of the Match’ from both opposition and scorers, or her efforts throughout the game and skilled linking play. The third quarter saw Aircare dig deep and with support of the whole team, Lightning mid court attacker Emma Hadkiss and sharp-shooter Hannah Forman upped the ante, and closed the gap. Their efforts were rewarded as they went on to win the quarter and narrow the gap (27-23). The excitement continued into the final 15 minutes of play as Forman’s retaliated, and increased their pressure on the opposition and take back control. With both teams playing hard, Falcons’ continued their winning streak and won the match 40-35.

Lutterworth Robins vs Knighton

The first game of the afternoon on Court 1 started as a nail-biting affair from the first centre pass. Both teams stepped on to the court determined to become victorious. Each team fighting tooth and nail to take the lead. The battle continued and after the first 15 minutes of play the game finished neck and neck at 7-7! The second quarter saw Knighton’s Grace Litchfield turn over several balls in the defending circle, just enough to ensure her team inched ahead with a mere 2-goal lead (11-13). The third quarter belonged to Lutterworth Robins as Teigan Harrison, demonstrated her skill, determination and finesse at both Centre and Wing Attack. Together the Robins regained control and won the third quarter 21-18. With the match still to play for, both teams took to the court for the final 15 minutes of play. Each keeping the pressure on the opposition, in the hope of a turnover ball or mistake! Every dropped ball was battled for as though lives depended on it!  After a full 60 minutes of fast paced high energy netball, neither team could keep the other in check and the match ended 28 all!

Harborough Harriers vs Foxton Flyers

Another exciting game from the afternoon batch of matches, saw Harborough Harriers take on Foxton Flyers. As a result of icy weather elsewhere in the Region and earlier games being to be cancelled, Flyers had the benefit of a large squad and rested legs. Foxton wasted no time to stake their claim on the match and quickly pulled ahead by 5 goals (4-9). Defender Lucy Crossley with the assistance of fellow Goal Keeper, together they successfully locked down their circle, making life extremely difficult for their opponents. Following a quick switch around at quarter time in the shooting circle, Foxton bolstered their lead as the quarter ended 10-19, with thanks to their talented shooter Evie Van Nierop.  Harriers kept the defensive pressure on throughout the entire game, and midcourt defender Sarah Barker earnt ‘Player of the Match’ from the opposition. Her efforts linked with lovely midcourt play from Florence Whalley saw Harriers close the gap and begin to squeeze Flyers in the third quarter. Another switch around from Flyers for the final quarter saw Foxton Flyers take the win and all match points, as the game ended 21-34.

Turners Tornadoes vs Aircare Thunder

In the final match of the day Turners Tornadoes took on Aircare Thunder. Thunder wasted little time in stating their intentions were to win! Thunders’ Jodie Haines locked down Turners, in their attacking circle, and the first 15 minutes of play Turners scored a single goal to Aircares’ 15! The match continued in much the same vein throughout the second quarter and ended 2-24 to Thunder. Turners took the halftime break to regroup and comeback with renewed determination. In the second half, attacker Sophie Chester could do little wrong as the goals started to drop, and the quarter finished 7-32. Again, a better final quarter for Turners saw them increase the score line to 12-40, but alas for them the damage had been done. Congratulations goes to Aircare Thunder for their victory.