Match Report 6th October ’18

Foxton Flyers vs Knighton

The afternoon kicked off with a tough physical match for Foxton Flyers, who battled against the mighty Knighton from south Leicester. Flyers came out fighting in the first quarter, with skilled shooting often from the circle edge by the keen-eyed Darra Dinsdale. Their aerial defender Sarah Stoney helped to slow the torrent of goals, despite playing out of position. Flyers were not strong enough as Knighton confirmed their control of the game in the second half. Knighton’s sharpshooter Tiff Frost, coupled with a strong defence in Hari Caple, ensured Knighton were victorious 54-15.

Lutterworth Robins vs Foxton Mavericks

Lutterworth Robins put forwards a strong attack against the multi trophy winning Foxton Mavericks. With Robins dynamic duo Sarah Pitts and shooter Alex Taylor working hard throughout to move the ball up court to the shooting circle. Their efforts were hindered by daring defence from Jenny Dance, coupled with outstanding shooting from the talented Nat Billington. Robins worked tirelessly but were simply outplayed by Mavericks who took all available points, finishing the match as victors at 55-24.

Siamo Sirens vs Turners Tornadoes

Back 2 netballers Siamo Sirens put up a good fight against Turner’s Tornadoes, putting into practice all that they have learnt since recently rekindling their love of the sport. Sirens showed strength in their midcourt attacking play with swift movement between Laura Stuckey and Poppy Burgess. Chief party organiser Molly Beard from Turners Tornadoes remained strong in defence keeping Sirens shooters from hitting their target. This coupled with brilliant linking play from Jess Hughs, ensured Tornadoes took the win 41-5.

Forman’s Falcons vs Club Corezze

The youngsters Forman’s Falcons came out strong from the off, resulting in a thrilling start to their game against experienced Club Corezze. With only a four-goal difference at the end of the first quarter, all was still to play for! Corezze gained a firm handle in the second quarter stretching their lead significantly whilst maintaining Falcons’ score. The second half saw some switches and the determined Falcons came back fighting, with brilliant midcourt linking play between defender Lexi Moakes and Livi Percival at Centre. With the skill and support of the talented Kim Walton, Club Corezze continued to stretch ahead of their score, ending in a win of 59-30.

Aircare Thunder vs Snowfinders

A fast paced, highlight of the afternoon with great skill and determination showed by both teams. On her debut appearance for the young Snowfinders, Goal Keeper Holly Callow, played her socks off defending the circle and gaining notable player from the scorers and opposition. Aircare Thunder had strength the length of the court, from Victoria Earland down to Wing Defence Heather Wainright. Points were earned by both teams, each winning two quarters, whilst Thunder gained an extra point for being within half of Snowfinders winning score; 46-27.

MHBC’s vs Harborough Harriers

Harborough Harriers came to the game determined, and from the first centre pass they worked tirelessly to make an impact on the experienced MHBCs. BCs had strength and skill the length of the court, with the dynamic duo Tasha Mackness and Jackie Brookes covering large areas of the court. Harriers upped the tempo in the second half with Laura Eaton fearless in her control of the midcourt, both in defence and attack; She received notoriety from both the opposition and the scorers. The scoreline by the final whistle saw Market Harborough Business Club stride to a commanding lead of 62-9.