Match Report 7.12.19

Aircare Lightning Vs Aircare Thunder

On Thursday 5th the two Aircare teams battled it out in what has become a fiercely contested fixture.  This game was to be no different!  In the first quarter Lightning took an early lead scoring 9 goals to Thunder’s 5.  Some excellent tips and turnovers from Jodie Haines at GK helped to turn the score around for Thunder and by half time they had just taken the lead by 2 goals.  Lightning fought hard in the 3rd quarter and managed to pull ahead by a single goal going into the final quarter.  Steph Nourish was exceptional at WA, helping to carry the ball forward in the final quarter for Thunder.  Both the third and fourth quarter were almost goal for goal, with neither Aircare team willing to back down. Despite a gutsy defensive performance from Yvonne Moore at GD and notable play from Hannah Forman at GS, Thunder were able to snatch the victory 32-31.

Welland Valley Blinders Vs MDH Falcons

In the first of the final matches of this year, newcomers WV Blinders took on the mighty Falcons.  The Falcons hit the ground running and established a strong early lead, scoring an impressive 22 goals in 1st quarter.  Blinders were tenacious and continued to challenge the Falcons throughout the court.  Vanessa Barker put in a gritty performance for Blinders, helping to give Sarah Morris at GS prospects on goal.  Crucial turnovers from Emily Wilford at GK and some exceptional linking play from Livi Percival at C meant that Falcons continued to pull ahead.  Although Blinders battled until the very end, they were not able to halt the progress of the Falcons.  The final score 5-84.

Aircare Thunder Vs Club Correze

The two teams started with determination and vigour.  Despite their early competitive start, Thunder were not able to convert their centres and Correze capitalised to take the first quarter by 21 goals to 10.  Kim Walton’s dominance at both C and GA and pin-point precision balls in the D meant that Correze continues to extend their lead.  Super-shooter Claire Glynn made space in the D and then put away the goals with typical effortless flair.  Although Thunder’s defensive players were under continual attack, Heather Wainwright put in an incredible performance at GD and GK earning her the scorer’s ‘Player of the Match’.  Also noted for her excellent play and accuracy on goal was Frankie Jones at GA, in her debut season for Aircare.  Thunder worked tirelessly to try and close the goal line, but Correze were too strong.  The game closed 31-81.

Knighton Vs Turner’s Tornadoes

In the final match of the day, Knighton took on Turner’s Tornadoes.  Knighton took an early lead (10-5) with some impressive play at both ends of the court from Grace Litchfield at GK and Rachel Pawley at GS.  Grace’s reactions and sturdy defence ensured that Rachel had ample chances to pop the ball through the hoop, which she did with confidence and flair.  The halftime score was 21-10, but Turner’s did not let their heads drop.  Benita Percival dominated the centre court for Turner’s working hard both turning over interceptions and feeding the ball into the D.  Turner’s Kirsty Bishop was also noted for her outstanding defensive skills helping to pick up key turnovers and generally making the shooters opportunities on goal more difficult.  Unfortunately, this was not enough to catch Knighton and the final score was 47-23.

Harborough Harriers vs Siamo Sirens

The first game of the afternoon on Court 2 saw Harborough Harriers take on the up and coming Siamo Sirens. With both teams wasting little time in beginning the race to get into the lead, each centre pass was battled for in a gritty test of skill and strength. At the end of 15 minutes of play neither team had succeeded in pulling ahead, and they entered the 2-minute break, neck and neck at 5 goals all!  Harriers returned to the court with renewed determination. Centre Jess Davies dominated the midcourt working hard to make interceptions and turnover the ball, and together with her team, Harriers pulled into the lead 12-10 by halftime. The third quarter saw Harriers go on to stretch their lead 19-13. However, the game was not over for Siamo, and together they used the 3rd quarter break to regroup and return more even determined! With nothing left to lose, Lizzie Bucciero successfully tipped a few balls in her defending circle and wasted no time in linking with Centre Liv O’Brien, to move the ball down the court. In the end Siamo played the final fifteen minutes of the match like it was their last, not only closed the gap but went on to win the quarter and come within half of the winners score. The match ended 23-20 to Harborough Harriers.

MHBC vs Snowfinders

The young Snowfinders took to the court in a blaze of glory as they flew into the lead with a seven-goal advantage in the first fifteen minutes of play, as talented shooter Evie Watts sunk 14 goals to BC’s 7. Unfortunately for the young team their winning streak did not last and MHBC retaliated with a torrent of goals scored by sharper-shooter Vicky Holman taking them to 24-22 in the second. The third quarter saw the experienced them further stretch their lead with the assistance of great linking play and accurate feeds into the shooting circle by BC’S Jackie Brookes. In an exciting twist the final quarter saw the young Snowfinders regroup and with renewed determination resulting in a series of tips and interceptions from Gracie Barkworth, together they closed the gap and ensured they finished within half of the winners score. The match ended 42-38, with match points going to both teams.

Foxton Mavericks vs Aircare Lightning

In the final match of the day Foxton Mavericks took on Aircare Lightning in a closely fought contest. The game started well for Mavericks as they quickly took the lead 10-4. Mavericks control slipped in the second quarter as Lightning took their opportunity, as Elly Bott tightening her grip on the Mavericks attack, and closing the gap, 16-12.  Lightning continued to fight hard in the third quarter, and with sharp-shooter Hannah Forman barely missing a shot, together they closed the gap to within a single goal 22-21! With 15 minutes of play left and the game still to be decided, both teams fought hard in the final quarter. Interceptions and turnover balls were aplenty and with a gutsy performance of skill and speed from Evie Van Nierop, Foxton ensured  they remain in the lead with a more acceptable buffer. At the final whistle Foxon Mavericks were in the lead 32-27.