Match Report 9.11.19

Snowfinders vs Harborough Harriers

The young and talented Snowfinders took on Harborough Harriers in one of the first matches of the afternoon, with the first centre pass taken at just gone 1pm. The first 15 minutes of play saw Snowfinders fly into the lead, winning the quarter with 18 goals and securing a 14-goal lead. By the second quarter Harborough Harriers had gained their momentum and began to make an impact. Attacker Emma Walker took command of the shooting circle and in their best quarter of the game, secured 7 goals in 15 minutes of play. The halftime score saw Snowfinders comfortably in the lead 32-11. Snowfinders are comprised of a cohort of talented players but the skill and expertise of midcourt player Elena Bensi shone through on the day. In the final quarter strong play from Harriers defender Wendy Cray helped to slow the torrent of goals and reduce the impact of Snowfinders attackers to only 7 goals scored. In the end the damage was already done, and Snowfinders took the win 65-20 and all associated eight points.

Turners Tornados vs Lutterworth Robins

In a firecracker of a game, Turners Tornadoes took on Lutterworth Robins in a battle of the court. The first quarter finished 7 all, as both teams fought to take control but neither succeeded. Following a 2-minute quarter time break, the Robins returned to play with renewed vigour and gained a small lead of 2 goals in the second quarter, finishing 14-12 ahead. Robins stand out player recognised by both scorers and opposition went to attacker Hannah Lynch for her role in the game. This 2-goal lead proved invaluable to Lutterworth as both teams entered the second half of the match. Turners had strength the length of the court with brilliant linking play between defender Kirsty Bishop and midcourt player Sophie Chester. In an exciting second half of play both teams worked hard to make a significant impact on the game. Both teams played hard and maintained the opposition to equal goals, 7 each in the third and 6 each in the final! Overall the 2-goal lead from the second quarter made all the difference as Lutterworth took the win 27-25.

Siamo Sirens vs Foxton Flyers

The final match of the afternoon for Court One saw Siamo Sirens take on Foxton Flyers, in a brilliantly spirited and competitive hour of play. Flyers quickly took control of the game, stretching out an 11-goal lead by the end of the first quarter. Flyers have recently enrolled several young players much to the joy of the original team. The youngsters are proving their weight in gold and a delightful addition. This week saw the turn of one of those newcomers receive commendation for her play from the opposition. Emily Hayes congratulations on your great positioning, skilled play and determination throughout the match. By halftime break Flyers remained in the lead, with Siamo a single goal away from being with half of their score (30-14). Another great addition to the Flyers team comes in the form of multitalented defender/midcourt player Lucy Crossley. The game could have been very different without Lucy’s expertly timed interceptions and tenacity. Remaining positive and determine throughout Siamo showed great skill in defending against Flyers attack. Which proved particularly pertinent in the final quarter, as both Kelly Scholey and Lizzie Buccerio successfully slowed the torrent of goals raining down from Flyers attack, resulting in them winning the quarter! The Sirens retained their form throughout and finished with a very respectable score, and more importantly points for the league table. At the final whistle Flyers took the win 53-32.

Club Correze vs Knighton

The first game of the afternoon on Court Two, saw Club Correze take on Knighton from Leicester in a fuel filled game of skill and determination. Club Correze did not waste anytime in making their intentions clear and scored an incredible 20 goals in first 15 minutes of play! All while locking down Knightons attack and allowing only 2 goals through their hoop in the first quarter. Knighton used the first quarter time break to regroup, take stock and reset their intentions for the match. They came back fighting and despite Club Correze defender Kim Walton maintaining her control of Knighton’s attacking circle throughout the match, Knighton did manage to break through the defence and reduce the damage in the remaining 3 quarters. By halftime Club Correze were streaming ahead 35-10. Lovely through court linking play between Knighton Defender Sophie Bevan and midcourt player Beth Reynolds bought Knighton achingly close to earning some points and coming within half of Club Correze final score. Alas it was not to be for Knighton, and congratulations goes to Club Correze for their 61-28 lead and earning all available match points.

MDH Falcons vs Market Harborough Business Club (MHBC)

If there was such a thing then the award for ‘most exciting game of the afternoon’ would go to MDH Falcons vs MHBC’s. The sheer grit and determination shown by the MDH youngsters was just incredible. Their talent, skill and composure were exemplary throughout. MDH Falcons are a very special team, made up of talented youngsters who have largely come through Market Harborough’s Youth League, and entered the adult league as a single team. Together they took on the experienced Market Harborough Business Club in a cracking game of netball. Falcons took to the court with quiet determination, winning the first quarter by a single goal 10-9. Returning after the first break Falcons accurately played the ball through the court skill and precision. Falcons Centre Livi Pervical was integral to the match and seamlessly linked both ends of the court. The second quarter was Falcons most effective with both attackers determined to make a difference, but after much deliberation recognition went to the talented Goal Attack Grace Brooks for her part in the match. Together the youngsters stretched their lead by 6 goals, to 23-17 going into halftime. Strong words were no doubt spoken at halftime in the MHBC’s camp, as they were now in danger of falling behind by a significant amount. BC’s upped their game, and the third quarter did not disappoint. BC’s defensive players Tracey Glover and Katie Hillerberg successfully tightened their grip on their circle, shutting out both attackers and making sure they did not let any opportunity pass them by. The third quarter finished 29-28 to Falcons. As both teams entered the final quarter of play the match was still up for grabs by either team! The final quarter did not disappoint, and spectators were thrilled to watch the exciting fast paced display of women’s sport.  In a nail biting final few seconds of play, BC’s successfully scored the winning goal, to take the match 38-39.

Foxton Mavericks vs Welland Valley Blinders

Welland Valley Blinders, this year’s newest team of the Winter league, took on the mighty Foxton Mavericks in a fun but gruelling 60 minutes of play. The first quarter saw Mavericks race ahead 24-0. Welland Valley Blinders used the break to regroup and focus, taking to the court with renewed vigour for a more successful second quarter. Despite their efforts, Mavericks went on to win the second quarter 41-3. The first and third quarter were Mavericks most successful with attacker Kerry Arrowsmith working her circle with skill and precision, and the team scoring 24 goals in both quarters. Experience shone through as Mavericks extended their lead with every quarter. Midcourt play was dominated by a superb performance from Charlotte Asprey, who is enjoying her first Winter league with the Foxton squad. Standout player for Welland Valley Blinders, was nominated by both Mavericks as the opposition and the match scorers and goes to Captain Jo Dunn for her efforts and skill throughout the game. At the final whistle Mavericks were in the lead 78-10, and successfully took all available match points.