Match Report 9.3.19

Turner’s Tornadoes vs Lutterworth Robins

In the afternoons first round of matches, both teams took to the court with determination. Lutterworth’s Sam Hinton fearlessly defended her semicircle, managing to keep the damage level down to a minimum as the Tornadoes twisted ahead by only two goals, in the first quarter. The second quarter saw the Tornadoes stretch their lead as they scored 11 goals to Robins 4! Most of damage to Lutterworth’s game plan was carried out in a gruelling third quarter, with superb shooting from Karen Chapman, which earned her POTM title twice. Karen and her teammates stretched their lead to 32-12. Lutterworth came back on court with renewed determination in the final quarter. Superb midcourt play from Alex Taylor who lead from the front, increased the pressure with superb linking play in their most effective 15 minutes of the match. Unfortunately for the Robins it was too little too late, as Turners took the match 42-19, as well as all 8 match points.

Knighton vs MHBC’s

On the other court a clash of the titans saw MHBC’s take on Knighton, in a fast and furious fight for victory. BC’s inched ahead in the first 15 minutes, finishing 2 goals in the lead. Brilliant defending combined with strong attacking midcourt play from Knighton’s Rebecca Hooker earned her player of the match from both the opposition and the scorers, to ensure she and her teammates won the second and third quarters. The final quarter started with Knighton 5 goals ahead, but it seemed the match was still to play for! Both teams took to the court with renewed determination for the final push. BC’s were buffered with strength at either ends of the court. Defender Sofi Mills at one end, determined to protect her semicircle and stop the ball from reaching the hands of Knighton’s attackers. While at the opposite end, sharp shooter Janet Smith closed the gap in the scoreline, in a brilliant display of shooting and movement in the circle. Despite BC’s mighty effort in the final 15 minutes of the game, they had left it too late. They won the quarter but lost the match by a single goal. Knighton took the win 33-32, and 6 available match points. BC’s won 2 quarters and were within half of the winning score, taking their match points total to 3.

Harborough Harriers vs Siamo Sirens

An exciting battle took place between the leagues 2 newest teams, more experienced Harborough Harriers took on Siamo Sirens who are in their first winter season. A determined Sirens entered the court and immediately took control, winning the first quarter by 2 goals. Brilliant attacking play from Sirens Lizzie Buccieo earned her POTM twice, and ensured her team won the second quarter as well. Spirits were high at halftime as both teams took to the court for what was destined to be an exciting second half. With renewed determination Harriers focused their efforts and levelled the score. The final quarter started 25-all, with the win still to play for! A brilliant display of attacking play and shooting from Chloe Braham earned her double POTM, a deadly combination when mixed with a couple of turnover balls by Harriers. In the end, Harriers took the victory by a single goal 36-35. Match points were split, Harriers finished with 6, and Siamo Sirens 3, one each for the quarters in the first half and one for finishing within half of the winning score.

Aircare Lightning vs Foxton Mavericks

Aircare Lightning took on Foxton Mavericks in one of the highlights of the afternoons play. Mavericks took charge in the first quarter. Superb attacking play from Kerry Arrowsmith ensured they finished 2 goals ahead. In a fast and furious second quarter the teams remained evenly matched, with both scoring 6 goals each. Strong and fearless defending from Lightnings Jodie Haines kept the Mavericks

attackers at bay, holding the Mavericks to their minor lead as they went into the second half. Lightning took the halftime break as an opportunity to regroup and return to the court even more determined. In a showcase of brilliant shooting, Hannah Forman lead her team from the front with a brilliant attack on Mavericks defenders. The increase in tempo suited the Mavericks and in their best quarter they closed the gap in the scoreline with the help of sharp shooter Sophie Crow in her debut appearance with the team. In a show of skill and resilience Aircare Lightning sealed the victory by a single goal 35-34.

Aircare Thunder vs Foxton Flyers

In the final slot for the day Aircare Thunder took on Foxton Flyers. Thunder quickly took the lead in the first quarter finishing 12-5 ahead. The talented Rhea Palmer exhibited skill and technique as she repeatedly worked the ball down the court to the hands of her shooters in the circle, earning POTM twice as she did so. Thunder stormed ahead and by the start of the second half they had doubled the score of the opposition. A combination of grit and determination from Flyers kept them in the game in the last 30 minutes of play and within half of the winning score. Aircare Thunder stormed the win and all four quarters 56-29, taking 5.5 points.

Snowfinders vs Forman’s Falcons

A firecracker of a match between the league’s youngest teams. From the first centre pass Snowfinders inched ahead and finished the quarter 6-5. The Falcons soon gained momentum, overtaking their opposition and bounding into the lead 12-16, in a brilliant second quarter. Leading the charge was Captain and Centre Livi Percival, who expertly controlled the midcourt, manoeuvring the ball to her attackers. All was still to play for as the teams took to the court in the second half, only 4 goals separated them now, Snowfinders 12 to Falcons 16. A tough third quarter for the Falcons followed as dynamic defend duo Charlotte Maxfield and Tilly Higgs, fearless kept the ball from the hands of Falcons shooters and almost halting them in their tracks as the quarter ended 21-18 to Snowfinders. In a thrilling final quarter with both teams tussling to keep control of the ball, Falcons began to inch ahead, supported by continuously outstanding play from Livi Percival. Until the final whistle Falcons held their nerve, and swooped into the lead 32-35, and earnt 5 point