Match report for 11th November 2017

Farndon Foods vs Corby Jets

Corby Jets took the lead in the first quarter, helped by skilled play and timely interceptions from Emily Sierra-Pendergrast. Farndon regrouped and increased their drive, going on to win the remaining three quarters. Both Farndon’s Louise Glover and Clare Glynn showed skill and determination. Farndon went on to win 61-34 with points going to both teams.

MHBC vs Snowfinders

A hard-fought game, with BC’s convincingly winning the first two quarters. Helped by brilliant play from Vicky Nolan and Tasha Mackness. However, the young Snowfinders refused to give in easily. Together they worked formidably to win the third quarter with skilled play at both ends of the court from Imogen Tooms and Esme Bliss. In the end MHBC’s came out on top and winning 48-39, with points going to Snowfinders for being with half of the winners score.

Aircare Thunder vs Forman Falcons

This match was a highlight of the afternoon. The young Falcons took control of the game from the start, and were still ahead by halftime. They were tight in defence keeping the goals from Thunder, with skilled play from Emily Willford and Maisy Williamson. By the third quarter both teams were neck and neck. Thunders defence, Molly Barrow and Katie Kavanagh refused to be beaten and skilfully kept Forman’s shooters at bay. Tense to the final whistle it ended in 49 all draw.

Lutterworth Robins vs Aircare Lightning

Aircare Lightning crept ahead at every quarter, with superb shooting and skilled play from Hannah Forman. Robins could not impact on Lightnings momentum, despite outstanding midcourt and linking play from duo Asha Winterflood and Sarah Pitts. By the final whistle, Aircare remained on top, winning 63-42, with points going to Robins for being within half of the winning score.

Harborough Harriers vs Foxton Flyers

A sterling team effort was made by Harriers who played the entire game with only six on their team. Harriers Emma Walker was determined to keep them in the running, despite playing two positions to cover the shortfall. Flyers stuck to their game plan and consistently increased their score. With great action and skilled play from Sarah Stoney and Laura Burgess. Together they lead the team to a 47-19 win, and gained all available points.

Turners Tornados vs Foxton Mavericks

Mavericks come out on fire leaving very little room for the Tornadoes. By halftime, Foxton had further extended their lead with skilled and determined play from Rachel Marsh in defence and attacker Katie Neal. However, Tornados did not give in easily, and after a cracking final quarter with brilliant shooting from Karen Chapman and Georgie Bullock, they fought back to a final score of Mavericks 62- Tornados 32.