Match Report for 16th September 2017

Match Report for 16th September 2017

This weekend saw the start of the 2017-2018 winter Market Harborough Netball League, with teams battling hard to establish a strong start for the season ahead.

Corby Jets vs Harborough Harriers

Corby Jets came out strong and quickly took control of the game, with outstanding play from Erika Winch. Harborough Harriers made headway to close the gap in the second half, with the help of duo Chloe Braham and Emma Walker. The match finished 62-24 to Corby Jets.

Farndon Foods vs Foxton Mavericks

This was a gripping match from the start with Foxton Mavericks inching ahead throughout the game. Strong play from Mavericks defence Alex Colotto, and attacker Katie Neal ensured they won 3 of the quarters. A determined Farndon refused to give in easily and strengthened in the last quarter with the help of strong play from Sophie Weston and Nicola Grant. The match ended 56-49 to Foxton Mavericks.

Turners Tornados vs Aircare Thunder

Aircare Thunder quickly established a strong lead, with skilled play from Katie Kavanah and Katie Dodd. Turners Tornadoes were determined not to give in without a fight and had good second half, aided by strong play from Sarah Ward and Megan Bullock. Aircare Thunder won the match 58-26.

Snowfinders vs Aircare Lightning

Nancy Lawrence and Hattie Bates were integral in helping Snowfinders to win the first quarter of their match against Aircare Lightning. Their lead did not last long and Lightnings went on to win the next 3 quarters with outstanding play from Louise Morris. The match ended 56-23 to Aircare Lighting

MHBC vs Foxton Fliers

A competitive match with both teams playing hard for every point. There was great midcourt play from MHBC’s Rachel Bohanan and superb shooting from Vicky Holman, despite pressure from Foxton Fliers defender Laura Burgess. The match finished 53-18 to MHBC.