Match report for 23rd September 2017

Match report for 23rd September 2017

Snowfinders vs Farndon foods

Farndon started with a strong first quarter and great midcourt play by Nicola Grant. Snowfinders soon pulled back in the second quarter with excellent shooting by Tabitha Tooms. Clare Glynn of Farndon kept her eye in throughout with superb shooting, despite brilliant defensive play from Snowfinders’ Imogen Tooms. Farndon won the match 53-31.

Foxton Mavericks vs Lutterworth Robins

Foxton Mavericks were strong from the first centre pass, and maintained their pace throughout. Mavericks’ Katie Neal demonstrated brilliant attacking play, making space and working the ball into the semicircle. Robins worked hard to slow the Mavericks, with grit and determination shown by defender Sophie Cook and Vanessa Gatrell in attack. Mavericks won the match 65-29.

Forman Falcons vs Harborough Harriers

Forman Falcons stormed away from the first centre pass and maintained their momentum. Falcons’ shooters Grace Brooks and Molly were on top form, rarely missing their target. Harriers worked to slow the young team down with some solid play through the midcourt from Amy Westaway. In the end Falcons took the win 64-7.

Aircare Lightning vs MHBC

A game of skilled play fought hard for under the posts. Lightning’s shooters Hannah Forman and Liz Jennine worked intuitively together against BCs’ experienced defenders Tracey Glover and Allie Bailey. MHBCs won 43-20.

Foxton Flyers vs Turner’s Tornados

Turner’s Tornadoes came out strong, quickly utilising any mistakes made by the Flyers. Tornadoes teammates Kirsty Bishop and Molly Beard together defended the circle brilliantly, keeping the ball out of the danger zone. Flyers’ Laura Burgess worked tirelessly in defence keeping up the pressure, with some cracking interceptions. While attacker Kimberley Durham worked to make headway against the Tornadoes defence. The match ended 37-15 to Turner’s Tornadoes.

Aircare Thunder vs Corby Jets

Aircare Thunder started well and established a good lead in the first quarter. Corby Jets came out fighting and won the second, with great midcourt play by Emily Sierra. Thunder’s Katie Kavanagh showed great versatility and skills both in defence and centre court play. While teammate Kiera Douglas worked hard to hit her target in the semicircle. Thunder won the match 53-28.