Match Report for 24th February 2018

Corby Jets vs Aircare Thunder

Aircare Thunder took the lead from the start. They were strong in defence with skilled play from Lauren Wright and Molly Barrow, making hard work for Corby Jets shooters.  Jets remained determined and pulled out the stops to win the final quarter, with superb shooting from Liv Mawby and great defence from Sara Norman, but in the end, Thunder took the win 44-27.

Foxton Mavericks vs Forman Falcons

Foxton Mavericks raced ahead, with outstanding play from Rachel Marsh. They went on to extend their lead significantly in the third quarter with shooter Nat Billington rarely missing her target. Forman Falcons had a strong defence with great play from teammates Jodie Haines and Maisy Williamson. Together they slowed down the attack in the final quarter and ensured their team’s score was half of the winners. The game ended 64-32 to Mavericks.

Farndon Foods vs MHBC’s

A competitive game with both teams determined to make an impact. Current league toppers Farndon Foods were strong from the first centre pass maintaining their lead throughout. Farndon’s Kim Walton helped them extended their lead with sublime shooting in the first half, supported by brilliant midcourt play from Emily Morgan. MHBC’s defensive player Tracy Glover worked hard to slow down the attack from Farndon’s shooters. While skilled play from Tasha Mackness ensured a strong first and third quarter from BC’s. The game ended 57-35 to Farndon, with BC’s within half of the winners’ score.

Aircare Lightning vs Harborough Harriers

A strong first quarter for Aircare Lightning with superb shooting from Emma Hadkiss. Teammate Karen Glason offered great support, skilled play down the court and timely interceptions throughout. Harborough Harriers were like a fine wine and improved with time, resulting in a stronger second half. With the help of skilled centre Sian Hudson, they narrowed the goal difference. At the final whistle, the score was 62-28 to Lightning.

Foxton Flyers vs Lutterworth Robins

Lutterworth Robins took the lead early in the match and were strong throughout. Teammates Kerry Foot and Sarah Pitts worked the ball swiftly down the court with impressive precision, forcing the ball quickly into their shooters who rarely missed their target. Foxton Flyer’s Laura Burgess worked tirelessly to keep the ball out of the hands of Robins shooters, with brilliant positioning and interceptions. Flyers made a small comeback in the final quarter but in the end, Robins won the game 64-20.

Turners Tornados vs Snowfinders

An exciting match of the afternoon with both teams battling to win. At the end of the first quarter Turners Tornados were ahead by a single goal, but by halftime, they had levelled to 9 all. Tornados focused and with the help of ace shooter Karen Chapman they pulled ahead by 2 goals in the third. In the final quarter, it was the turn of Snowfinders shooter Katie McTaggart to excel, taking her team to a 27-21 victory.