Match report for 7th October 2017

Harborough Harriers vs MHBCs

MHBCs had a strong start & quickly took control of the game, with Vicky Holman working the ball seamlessly through the midcourt. Teammate Kate Holman consistently hit her target, making it difficult for Harriers defence Amy Westaway.  Despite best efforts from Emma Walker and the fellow Harriers, MHBCs stormed ahead to a 71-14 victory.

Forman Falcons vs Snowfinders

A fast-paced game with Falcons inching ahead from the start.  Helped by a great show of skills from Millie Van Nierop and defender Sian Brewin. Snowfinders refused to give in easily, with fearless play from attacker Evie Watts and defender Imogen Tooms. In the end Falcons took the victory 47-33.

Corby Jets vs Foxton Mavericks

Jets attacked hard throughout the game, with skilled play and shooting from Amy Pell and Erika Winch. Mavericks manage to maintain their lead throughout the match with great shooting from their talented Captain Nat Billington. Mavericks won 69-43.

Turners Tornados vs Lutterworth Robins

A hard-fought game with Robins ahead from the start. Quick feet and skilled play from Asha Winterflood and defender Cat Hanger, helped to maintain Robins lead. Tornados picked up the pace in the final quarter, helped by determined play from Sophie Chester. Tornados closed the gap and won the quarter, but in the end Robins took the victory 33-28.

Aircare Thunder vs Farndon Foods

Another exciting match with both teams gaining points. Strong play from Thunders Katie Kavanagh and Molly Barrow, helped them to win the second quarter. Farndon refused to be beaten, working together to regain their lead with superb defending from Louise Glover, ensuring their victory 40-38.

Foxton Flyers vs Aircare Lightning

Flyers took a hammering in the first quarter, with consistently brilliant shooting from Lightning’s Hannah Forman. Together Flyers picked up their momentum and closed the gap in the second quarter. Skilled play and reliably good shooting from Flyers Sara Mangan put the pressure back on Lightnings. Despite efforts the gap was too great to close and Lightnings took the victory 59-27.