Match report for the 30th September 2017

Turners Tornadoes vs MHBCs

A fast-paced game with Turners Tornadoes bringing a strong team to the court. Tornadoes Kirsty Bishop worked hard to defend the circle to slow MHBCs, while Sophie Chester moved the ball with skill through the mid court. MHBCs defenced well with skilled play from Emma Wier. While teammate Clare Brutnell-Coles worked hard to quickly move the ball down the court. MHBCs took a narrow victory 37-34.


Harborough Harriers vs Farndon Foods

A tough afternoon of netball for the Harborough Harriers, who despite the game not going to plan, remained resilient. Harriers teammates Connie Westaway and Laura Eaton worked hard throughout the match keeping the pressure on. Farndon had strong play across the whole court, but notably in defence with Nicola Grant and on-target shooting from Elizabeth Glynn. The match end Farndon 49-6.


Forman Falcons vs Aircare Lightning

This match was an adrenaline fuelled fast paced game from start to finish. Falcons shooters Grace Brooks and Lily Mills were both on form barely missing their target. Lightnings Heather Wainwright worked hard in defence to slow down their attack. While ace shooter Hannah Forman tried to level the score. The match ended 76-31 to the Falcons.


Snowfinders vs Aircare Thunder

Another fast-paced nail-biting match, with Thunders Katie Kavanagh working hard in defence to keep Snowfinders shooters at bay.  Snowfinders teammates, Hattie Bates in the midcourt & Imogen Tooms in defence remained strong throughout, but in the end Aircare Lightning won the match, 32-26.


Forman  Falcons vs Lutterworth

Rescheduled match: An exciting game to watch with both teams fighting for every point. The young Falcons played with speed & skill versus the Robins experienced. Formans shooter Grace Brooks rarely missed a shot, while defender Maisie Willamson worked doggedly to keep the ball from reaching Robins shooters. Robins notable player of the afternoon was Alex Taylor. The match finished 40-31 to Forman Falcons.