Match reports 26.01.19

Siamo Sirens vs MHBC’s

Market Harborough Business Club took on the leagues newest team, Siamo Sirens, in what was always going to be a tough match for the newcomers! Despite tailing from the beginning Siamo’s played with grit and determination, refusing to let their heads go down. The first quarter proved most challenging for the Sirens, with them taking a while to find their rhythm. BC’s defensive duo Sofi Mills and Natasha Mackness protected their circle fearlessly, despite pressure from Siamo’s Laura Stuckey who relentlessly attempt to get the ball into her shooters in the circle. While teammate Keely Russell kept up the defensive pressure on BC’s at the opposite end of the court with multiple interceptions. By the end of the 60 minutes, the experienced BC’s had decisively stamped their mark on the game, comfortably winning all four quarters and the match 55-7.

Harborough Harriers vs Club Correze

Another tough match of the afternoon as Harborough Harriers took on the skilled Club Correze, in a gruelling 60 minutes of netball. Harriers had strength throughout the court, with attacker Claire Bolton working tirelessly to get the ball through the midcourt to her shooters in the circle. Teammate and defender Laura Eaton had her work cut out for her as she tried to protect her circle from dynamic shooting duo Clare and Elizabeth Glynn. Despite remaining upbeat throughout Harborough Harriers were out skilled on the day by the more experienced Club Correze. All points and the match went to Club Correze as they took the win 67-23.

Knighton vs Aircare Thunder

A fast-paced match with both teams out for all the points. From the whistle, for the first centre pass, Knighton and Thunder fought to gain possession and dominate the play. Thunder had the edge in the first 15 minutes winning the first quarter by a single goal (8-9). In the second a determined Knighton had the edge on the game, again by a single goal now 16-17! Brilliant defensive play from Grace Litchfield as she fearlessly protected her circle ensured Knighton kept control of the third quarter as well. Thunder upped the ante in the final quarter with great play from midcourt duo Sarah Bates and Heather Wainwright, successfully slowing down Knighton’s attack. At the final whistle, Knighton were in the lead 43-26, with Thunder within half of the winning score, guaranteeing points were split between both teams!

Aircare Lightning vs Turners Tornadoes

A Lightning-fast Aircare took to the court against Turners Tornadoes in an action-packed match, with both teams eager to win. Turners Jess Hughes worked tirelessly throughout, keeping the ball moving through the midcourt while supporting her teammates at both ends. While Lightning kept the pressure on from start to finish, combined with the outstanding defensive play from Jodie Haines, ensured they won every quarter. Aircare Lightning took the win 41-18, and all available points.

Foxton Mavericks vs Snowfinders

A fast and furious highlight of the afternoon with both teams determined to come out ahead. Snowfinders took the opportunity, grabbed the bull by the horns and took control in the first quarter, winning by 2 goals. The 2-minute break allowed Mavericks to regroup, focus and take to the court with renewed determination. The second quarter was closely matched in a nail-biting 15 minutes, with both teams scoring 11 goals each! Mavericks vice-captain Emily Bryan lead from the front, making space and moving decisively to ensure the ball made it safely to her shooter’s hands. At the opposite end of the court, a battle of super skill and nerves of steel played out between sharpshooter Evie Watts and talented defender Jodie Bellamy. At the end of the third quarter, both teams were neck and neck at 36-all. With the victory still to play for, both teams played fearlessly to come out on top. By the final whistle, Mavericks had narrowly taken control and won by a mere 3 goal lead, 48-45. Points were split between the teams.

Foxton Flyers vs Forman Falcons

A good-natured game between Foxton Flyers and the sprightly Forman Falcons. The young team flew into the lead in the first quarter gaining a 10-goal advantage, and decisively stamping their mark on the game. Flyers teammates Sarah Stoney and Jess Wales refused to give in and remained determined throughout. Sarah was strong in defence, tenaciously keeping Forman’s shooters out of their circle. While Jess controlled the midcourt, working the ball swiftly and decisively down the court. Forman’s defence duo Fran Bayham and Sian Brewin were a force not to be reckoned with as they confidently and repeatedly turned the ball around, stopping it from reaching the hands of Flyers shooters. Points were split between the teams with Formans taking the majority as they won the match 45-26, as well as the first three quarters. Flyers won the final quarter and were within half of the winning score.