Match Reports for 17th March 2018

Corby Jets vs Farndon Foods

Corby Jets were slow to get into their rhythm, allowing Farndon to get off to a great start. Jets’ defence was strong with skilled play from Sarah Norman making hard work for the opposition. Although they got off to a slow start, they applied the pressure in the second and third quarter to close the gap. Teammate Laura Day was integral throughout, linking both ends of the court and ensuring the ball made it through to their shooters. Farndon’s strong start set them in good stead for the rest of the match. With their crack shot shooter Clare Glynn in fine form she averaged 19 goals per quarter. Coupled with strong and skilled defensive play from Louise Glover, they took Farndon to a victory of 76-32.

MHBC’s vs Foxton Mavericks

Previously undefeated champions Foxton Mavericks suffered their first loss this weekend since May 2017, at the hands of MHBC’s. BC’s fielded a strong team who together were determined to topple the champions. They won the first quarter by 3 goals and went on to stretch their lead in the second quarter with brilliant and determined defensive play from Sofi Mills. Who significantly reduced Mavericks opportunity to score. Mavericks regrouped and made a comeback in the second half, going on to win the third and fourth quarters. Their highly skilled and brilliant all-around player Rachel Marsh was Mavericks notable player for her determination and skill throughout. At the final whistle, MHBC’s won 36-29. Despite the loss, Mavericks are still top of the league table, but rivals Farndon Foods have a game in hand.

Forman’s Falcons vs Aircare Thunder

Aircare Thunder had a strong attacking team on the court this weekend. With teammates Keira Douglas and Amy Hayward working together to get the goals in and helping their team to win all four quarters. Forman’s Falcons had strength across the court. From a strong defence with Maisy Williamson who worked tirelessly against Thunders shooters, and midcourt player Livi Percival. Who remained determined throughout and was key to working the ball with speed and accuracy down the court. Thunder took the victory 52-33, with Forman’s’ gaining a point for being within ½ of the winning score.

Harborough Harriers vs Foxton Flyers

This week saw a long-awaited win for Foxton’s B team the Flyers. Playing with skill and determination throughout, their efforts paid off. Flyers had strength across the court, with the talented Sarah Neal in attack and skilled teammate Laura Burgess in defence. Harborough Harriers played with purpose and commendation goes to mid-court player Laura Eaton. Flyers won all available points with a winning score of 40-12.

Turners Tornados vs Lutterworth Robins

Lutterworth Robins streaked ahead in the first quarter, making it hard work for Tornados to catch up with them. Robins went on to win all four quarters with a commendation for great play going to Sophie Chester. Tornados defensive duo Cat Hanger and Linsey Allen played with skill and grit and often kept the ball from reaching the hands of Robins shooters. Their efforts paid off as tornados managed to keep within half the winners score to gain an extra point. The final score saw Robins victorious 30-18.

 Aircare Lightning vs Snowfinders

A close-run game from the start, separated by only two goals after the first quarter. Aircare Lightning shooting duo Hannah Forman and Emma Hadkiss played well together working with skill and accuracy in the circle. Helping their team win the second quarter and draw the third. The Snowfinders played with grit and determination, winning the first and final quarter. The young team had strength across the court with brilliant defensive play from Imogen Tooms and superb shooting from Esme Bliss. Snowfinders won overall 42-38, with Lightning well within half their score.