Match reports for 3rd March ‘19

Foxton Mavericks vs Club Corezze

A gruelling 60 minutes of fast-paced netball, with both teams fighting for victory, and neither slowing for a moment. A determined Club Correze took to the court and quickly gained the upper hand, with the first quarter finishing 11-6. Connie Smith and her defensive team formed an almost impenetrable barrier despite constant pressure from Mavericks attackers. Teamed with the highly skilled and incredibly versatile Kim Walton at Goal Shooter the pattern was set, and Club Corezze gained ground with every quarter. Mavericks lead by the talented and tenacious Vice-Captain Emily Bryan, regrouped and went again with every centre pass. Skilled defensive play from Mavericks Jodie Bellamy, forced the ball to be turned over repeatedly, instigating yet another charge of attack! But despite their combined efforts Mavericks could not catch Club Corezze, who won every quarter and the match 58-24.

Harborough Harriers vs Aircare Thunder

The first match of the afternoon on court 2, saw seasoned Aircare Thunder take on Harborough Harriers. Without hesitation Thunder took control of the game, winning the first quarter 18-2.  With strength the length of the court, particularly in defence with Maisie Williamson, Thunder did not falter.  Harriers gained momentum during the game and remained determined despite the pressure. Lovely midcourt play from Nicola Cruikshank through to Emma Walker in attack, helped increase the number of goals scored from 2 in the first quarter to 6 in the last. At the final whistle, Thunder were in the lead 51-16 taking the whole 8 points for their victory.

MHBC vs Snowfinders

An experienced Market Harborough Business Club team took on Snowfinders in a head to head battle of netball. Snowfinders confidently started the game with gusto and earned the first quarter 9-7. MHBC’s used the two-minute break to regroup and came back to the court a more focused unit! Increased pressure through the midcourt lead by Rachel Bohannon allowed BC’s to stake their claim on the game and win the next three quarters. Snowfinders scored multiple goals with every quarter but their efforts were kept in check by BC’s skilled defender Sofi Mills.

For her skill, determination and superb defending play throughout, Snowfinders Charlotte Maxfield earnt Player Of The Match notoriety twice from both the opposition and the scorers. At the final whistle, BC’s were in the lead 46-27. Seven of the available match points went to BCs and one to Snowfinders for the first quarter, plus the extra point for holding the opposition to within half the winning score.

Siamo Sirens vs Turners Tornadoes

A demanding but fun-filled hour of netball saw newcomers Siamo Sirens take on the more experienced Turner’s Tornadoes. Turners quickly staked their claim on the game, winning the first quarter 12-1. Dynamic defending duo Kirsty Bishop and Dani Hutley made hard work for Sirens attack, rarely letting a ball past them. While the combination of Siren’s Olivia O’Brien and catalyst defender Jo Dunn on her debut appearance to the winter league, together made an impact on the game. Support and pressure through the midcourt allowed Siamo’s to score a significant eight goals in the final quarter, more than doubling their score from the third! However, despite Siamo’s efforts, in the end experienced Turner’s Tornadoes convincingly took the win 50-15, earning all eight available points.

Forman’s Falcons vs Aircare Lightning

A firecracker of a match between Aircare’s Lightning and the talented youngsters Forman’s Falcons. With both teams evenly matched, no more than six goals separated them throughout the entire game. Lightning dominated the first quarter and finished 14-9 ahead. A more determined Formans took to the court in the second quarter, regaining control and scoring an impressive sixteen goals, catapulting them into the lead 19-25. The third quarter saw Lightning’s shooting duo Hannah Forman and Emma Hadkiss take control of their semicircle, and score twelve goals to Forman’s eight, closing the gap in the scoreline to 31-33. In a nail-biting final quarter, both teams upped the ante and increased the pressure trying to take back control. An all-important couple of turnover balls combined with quick linking play through the midcourt from Liv Percival to ace shooter Grace Brooks ensured Forman’s had another exemplary quarter scoring fourteen goals to Lightning’s ten. Forman’s Falcons took the win 41-47, and all four associated points, with both teams winning two quarters each and earning a point for each of them. Lightning were within half of the winning score also earning the extra available single point.

Lutterworth Robins vs Foxton Flyers

The Robins from Lutterworth took on Foxton Flyers in a competitive but great-natured game. Robins took control from the first centre pass, dominating the quarter and scoring fourteen goals to Flyers seven. Brilliant defending from Robins Sam Hinton kept the ball from the hands of Flyers shooters in the second quarter. Combined with lovely linking play through the midcourt from Robins Abby Hall, they further increased their lead in the third. A more determined Foxton took to the court in the final quarter eager to make a difference in the final fifteen minutes. Master of the interception Laura Burgess at Centre supported by midcourt player Kim Durham worked the ball down the court to their attackers. Both teams scored eight goals in the final quarter, which meant they shared the match point for that quarter. Unfortunately, it was too little to late for Foxton, and Lutterworth Robins took the win 44-20, earning 7.5 points along the way, to Foxton’s half point!