Match Reports for 7th April 2018

MHBC’s vs Forman Falcons

A determined MHBC’s team got off to a great start. Picking up the pace in the second quarter and stretching their lead significantly.  Sharp-shooter Janet Smith rarely missed her target, supported by Jackie Brooks who skilfully worked the ball into the shooting circle. Forman’s Falcons dug their heels in and worked hard to keep in the running, with great shooting from Molly Blyth and outstanding linking play from Millie Van Nierop. MHBC’s took the win 41-19.

Farndon Foods vs Aircare Thunder

A highlight of the afternoon from the first centre pass with both teams battling it out to come out on top. Aircare Thunder won the first quarter by a single goal, heading into half-time holding that same single goal in front. With great shooting from Martha Parvoas who was supported brilliantly by superb play from Keira Watson. They went on to win the third quarter by three goals. The excitement didn’t end there as Farndon Foods refocused to slow down the opposition with outstanding defensive play from Louise Glover and brilliant linking play from Nicola Grant. In an exciting final few moments Farndon took the lead and won the match 54-53.

Foxton Mavericks vs Corby Jets

Foxton Mavericks got off to a brilliant start, quickly making an impact on the game. They had strength across the court with quick speed and accuracy from the talented Emily Bryan and great defensive play from the skilled all-rounder Rachel Marsh. Corby Jets worked hard to slow down the mighty Mavericks but were unable to stop them, despite the brilliant efforts of their notable player Emily Sierra-Pendergrast. The game finished 71-10 to Mavericks.

Lutterworth Robins vs Aircare Lightning

Aircare Lightning got off to a great start, winning the first quarter by seven goals, and the second by ten. Their shooter Hannah Forman was on form and rarely missed her target, supported by skilled play from Elise Tear who fed the ball into the shooting circle with ease. Lutterworth Robins changed momentum in the second half and closed the gap. Going on to draw the third quarter on the number of goals scored but still trailing by 10. Robins went on to have a great final quarter with a strong defensive play from Emily Simmonds and skilled linking play from Sarah Pitts. At the final whistle, Lightning were in the lead 41-33.

Harborough Harriers vs Snowfinders

Snowfinders got off to a strong start, winning the first two quarters comfortably. Harborough Harriers picked up the pace in the third quarter winning by a single goal, with outstanding play from Laura Eaton. Snowfinders retaliated with a brilliant final quarter thanks to skilled attackers Evie Watts and Katie McTaggart. Snowfinders were victorious 50-17.

Foxton Flyers vs Turner’s Tornados

This game got off to a great start with both teams’ neck and neck at the end of the first quarter. Turners Tornados inched ahead winning the second quarter by two goals and the third quarter by four. Turners showed great skill through the length of the court with recognition for the notable player going to Sarah Ward. Skilled defensive play from Flyer’s talented player Juliette Chapman slowed down the potential rain of goals from Turners’ sharp-shooter. The fired-up Turners went on to win the game 33-24, with Flyers well within half of the winners score.