Match reports for Saturday 10th March

Aircare Thunder vs Foxton Mavericks

This week saw a convincing win from Foxton Mavericks. They took the lead from the first whistle and stretched it every quarter. Mavericks had strength throughout the court. Skilled shooter Nat Billington rarely missed her target, while defender Jenny Dance repeatedly intercepted those all-important passes. Brilliantly skilled play from Aircare Thunder’s shooter Martha Povoas helped them to narrow the gap in the final quarter taking Thunder to within half of Mavericks final score.  The game ended 69-35 to Mavericks.

Corby Jets vs MHBC’s

MHBC’s took control of the game from the first centre pass. With Tasha Mackness working the ball quickly down the court and making timely interceptions. Highly skilled teammate Janet Smith held her space in the shooting circle and rarely missed her target. Corby Jets kept a cool head and tightened their defence closing the gap a little in the second quarter, with great play from Emily Sierra-Pendergrast and Laura Day. BC’s stretched their lead in the final quarter and finished the game in the lead 65-30.

Harborough Harriers vs Lutterworth Robins

Lutterworth Robins set off to a flying start with a brilliant first quarter. They ploughed ahead with excellent shooting from skilled attacker Jo Warren. Robins had strength the length of the court with great defending from Emily Simmonds. Harborough Harriers remained determined throughout but were unable to catch the Robins despite best efforts from the brilliant Dannielle McCann-Gaskell. Robins won 70-18.

Foxton Flyers vs Snowfinders

Snowfinders got off to great start and quickly ploughed into the lead. Their defence was very strong with great play and skilled interceptions from Imogen and Kiara Tooms. Foxton Flyers had a better second quarter and did start to close the gap in the score. Flyers Laura Burgess was their notable player making a strong positive impact on the game. Conditions on the court were less than ideal and the game was called to an early finish, with Snowfinders victorious at 29-7.

Aircare Lightning vs Turner’s Tornados

Turner’s Tornados ended the first quarter in the lead 9-6, which they went on to stretch throughout the remaining quarters. Tornados Jess Hughes tirelessly worked the ball down the court with skill & precision. Aircare Lightning defence was strong with brilliant play from Louise Morris, but in the end,  Turners took the win 36-28.