Match reports from 28th April 2018

Foxton Flyers vs Aircare Lightning

Aircare lightning were determined from the first centre pass, quickly gaining an 11-goal lead in the first quarter. With attacking strength from Karen Glasson and teammate Hannah Forman, Lightning won the first 3 quarters. Foxton Flyers picked up the pace with increasing momentum and slowed the barrage of goals. Skilled midcourt player Sarah Stoney and multitalented Juliette Chapman ensured Flyers won the final quarter and were within a half of the winners score. The match finished 43-32 to Lightning.

Turners Tornadoes vs Harborough Harriers

Both teams started slowly with only a four-point difference at the end of the first quarter. From the start of the second Turners Tornadoes increased momentum quickly stretching their lead, with brilliant play through the mid-court from Sophie Chester. Harborough Harriers defence Amy Westaway and Kelly McBride tried with all their might to slow down the opposition, but in the end, Turners took the win 37-4.

Snowfinders vs Lutterworth Robins

A close-run game with both teams equal by the end of the first quarter, separated by a single goal at the end of the second, and back to neck & neck at the start of the fourth! The teams had skill and strength throughout the court, with recognition going to Tilly Higgs and Fran Braham from Snowfinders, and Lutterworth Robin’s Cat Hanger and Kerry Foot. A brilliant final quarter from Lutterworth won them the match, 38-31.

Forman’s Falcons vs Corby Jets

Forman’s Falcons flew into the lead quickly establishing control of the game. By halftime, their ace attackers Grace Brooks and Millie Van Nierop had stretched their lead to 29-14. Corby Jets had a supercharged second quarter picking up momentum and closing the gap. Skilled midcourt play from Clare Drakesford working the ball into Nicola Brooks in the shooting circle ensured Jets remained within half of the winners score. The match ended 51-35 to Falcons.

MHBCs vs Aircare Thunder

MHBCs inched ahead by the start of the second quarter, with skilled defender Tracy Glover keeping Aircare Thunder from taking the lead. Teammate Vicki Nolan’s skilled play through the midcourt allowed BC’s to continue increasing their score. Despite brilliant and determined efforts from Thunders defender Katie Kavanagh. BC’s took the win 36-16.

Farndon Foods vs Foxton Mavericks

A highlight of the afternoon, was this hard-fought match, with both teams battling it out to be crowned victors. Foxton Mavericks stamped their authority on the first quarter winning it by 5 goals. Farndon Foods increased the pressure with the talented and fearless defender Kim Walton, who kept the ball from the hands of the Mavericks shooters. At the start of the third quarter, Farndon had inched ahead by 4 goals. Super skilled defender Rachel Marsh increased her pressure on Farndon’s shooters and ensured Mavericks closed the gap in the third quarter, resulting in them now trailing by an even narrower 3 goal deficit. However, Farndon still had more to give, and they seized control in the final quarter closing down Mavericks attack. Farndon took the victory 54-45.