Match reports for 14th April 2018

Corby Jets vs Aircare Thunder

Corby Jets came out strong and won the first quarter. With strength in the attack and great play from Katie Quinsee and Sam Montgomery they stretched their lead in the remaining quarters. Aircare Thunder retaliated with grit, determination and notable attacking play from Sarah Bates and Kiera Douglas, but the victory went to Jets, 50-45.

Foxton Mavericks vs Formans Falcons

Foxton Mavericks took control from the first centre pass and won the first quarter by six goals. With a supercharged second quarter, they stretched the lead to 35: Fourteen goals ahead of Forman’s Falcons. Mavericks attacker Emily Bryan played with patience and determination to work the ball into the shooting circle. While teammate Jodee Bellamy was strong in defence making hard work for the opposition. Falcons never let up the attack and kept the pressure on through the game. Superbly skilled shooter Grace Brooks remained cool and calm throughout, supported by brilliant play from teammate Amy Clark. Mavericks took the win 62-31.

MHBC’s vs Farndon

This was a fearlessly fought match from start to finish. By the end of the first quarter, MHBC’s were narrowly ahead by a single goal. BC’s Hannah Stratton was strong in attack and worked the ball into the shooting circle with accuracy. While teammate Tash Mackness defended tirelessly making hard work for the opposition. BC’s started the fourth quarter with a single goal lead. In the last 15 minutes, Farndon increased the pressure, helped by the brilliantly talented Kim Bolton. Together they inched ahead refusing to be beaten, and the match finished with Farndon victorious 49-44.

Aircare Lightning vs Harborough Harriers

Aircare Lightning came out strong and quickly established control of the game. Shooter Hannah Foreman was on fire with brilliantly shooting. Supported by strong midcourt play and accurate feeds into the shooting circle from Elise Tear. Harriers refused to be beaten and remained determined and focused throughout. Notoriety goes to Gill Hancock for great midcourt play and Emma Walker for brilliant shooting. Lightning won the match 64-20.

Lutterworth Robins vs Foxton Flyers

With the formidable attacking duo Juliette Chapman and Sarah Neal, Foxton Flyers come out fighting and finished the first quarter in the lead by three goals. By the end of the second quarter, Lutterworth Robins had begun to make ground and it was their turn to be ahead, this time by two goals. Robins had a strong defence in Kate Warren, who worked tirelessly to keep the ball from the Flyers shooters. Coupled with skilled and fast play across the court from Sarah Pitts. Flyers were able to keep within half of the winning score: Robins won 43-25.

Snowfinders vs Turners Tornados

Snowfinders came out strong, with strength the length of the court. Shooter Esme Bliss rarely missed her target, while teammate Imogen Tooms worked tirelessly to keep the ball from Turner’s Tornados shooters. Turner’s Jess Hughs shooting was brilliant, despite the pressure. While teammate Kirsty Bishop remained cool and determined to slow the torrent of Snowfinders attack. Turner’s were able to keep within half of the winning score but lost 22-30 to Snowfinders.